• Patricia Jean Fleming

Week ahead:14th June 2021

Perspective: Up, down or ahead?

All suits make up the week ahead starting with a continuation of Wands and Swords energy from last week. We start with a four then a six which equals ten, then we have two tens so more endings and beginnings guidance. The end of the week has us almost there with a nine, another six for Saturday and an excellent ending to the week with Sundays card. The overall feeling for the week is one of expecting change, moving on through and not being disheartened with any ‘road blocks’ that appear for us. Remember it is not only just about us, the need of others sometimes delay ours and we welcome the delay when it stops us from heading in a wrong direction or not the most suitable for us at this time. There is a balance of light among the darkness so make the most of the positive energies at play and thank the negatives for ‘staying’ us / stopping us at the right time. The positive of the week is the beginning and the end, so let us have these ‘bookends’ assist us to traverse the rest of the week with that knowing. It is all within our perspective in how we see the cup i.e. half full or half empty – we decide.

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