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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 106 – My Journey Continues

To have lived in my room for the best part of a year, comfortably, now that I am out and about again, has been an ‘interesting’ experience. Also to now be able to experience the rich flora and fauna that is our wonderful, but wet, United Kingdom after the best part of five years in the Barcelona region of Spain. So much to see and do, especially pastures new which I am always happy to visit. I was not however prepared for how tired I became just being taken out for a drive in the car!

Living a nomadic life, for now, I am sure that some of the stress that I allowed myself to experience pre move back to the UK (in the current climate and Brexit) did not help with my lethargy. It is a different way to live than what most people do and easier, I perceive, for the year out before or after University youngsters. I can’t put it all down to age but for sure, a year in my room hasn’t helped with only the occasional/necessary trip to the supermarket. It is nice though not to have to put a mask on the minute you leave the house – I probably wear one more here than others but it is what I had become accustomed to.


Today I have had a lovely walk up to town in Carlisle (I lived in this area before moving to Spain for the five years). Back here again for a couple of weeks and another kind friend happy to have my company as I make my way North. Met one of my spiritual friends for a coffee and bumped into another friend. Life is good. It was also interesting to look round some of the shops that I used to know so well and to see the changes even in the two years since I was last here.

Today was a powerful full moon, not only full but also a super-moon and an unusual total lunar eclipse. As this was happening at 12.13hours UK it was not viewable here but the energy of it I am sure is partly to blame also for my tiredness. Interestingly I seem to feel the changes way before, and two days before whatever planetary move is being heralded as packing some punch, I seem to feel it clear. This is where my family say, always new she was a bit funny! I love how astrology and numerology are vibrationally linked to experiences in life. It is a science, a way of understanding more of who we are and how we can have an easier time in living this human existence. Why is it that life skill subjects are not the kind of things that are part of mainstream education? Maybe the children of our future will remember this past year and how not being in school every day, but learning other life skills, could be a better way ahead in the future. We will watch with interest as so many things may change because of this current situation.

Last week I was out and about on the Wednesday but not until after we had managed to stop a waterfall of water pouring into the kitchen. Angels were definitely looking after us as a local plumber was able to re-tighten the joints another had not done up so well. Thankfully this was one of the areas in the house that was still to have work done to it so no great damage done. In the afternoon we went to visit the island of Walney off the West coast of Barrow in Furness. Never been before so another place notched up. Rather pretty but also with a huge industrial area on the Barrow side of the bridge. Not too unsightly, I have definitely seen much worse. On the Thursday my wonderful friend drove me up to Carlisle from Grange. I am truly grateful and feel blessed to have such lovely friends in my life. You may like to watch this YouTube video Riding The Bay Cycle Way Day 1 Walney to Grange over Sands 2017 https://youtu.be/2Wwy0bBUMGY

Before leaving Grange I managed to crochet some bunting to go with the cushion covers I had done. Never done it before and followed my creative nose as to how to do it. Didn’t turn out too bad; the strings hanging down are for beads to be added. I also received a tutorial on how to make felt – how exciting. I have to admit though the dry work was much preferred to the wet work, it felt like a bit of a palaver and reasonably successful but think the dry felting will be my way forward. I now have an extra bags worth of materials to keep me busy with my new creative endeavours.

I’m enjoying the UK cuisine of many of my favourite foods untasted in a long time. We had stopped in at Penrith on the way up from Grange and I had my first bacon buttie mmmmm, three rashers of back bacon, sweet cure in a bap/roll. Can only get rashers in Castelldefels so this was a real treat. Meanwhile another friend who is a great cook and we have been taking turn about with the dinners which included a Sunday roast with all the trimmings. From one cat to another. Henrietta now being replaced with JJ or Princess Furball to give her her Sunday name. We had the obligatory cuddle and mad scramble, on her part, to get out of my arms which has been the same routine since I first met her ten years ago.

It surprises me at how quick the days disappear, no sooner getting up in the morning, then it is time for bed again. I never weary that’s for sure, always got something to be doing and getting on with. Hoping for a bright weekend as the back yard is calling for some dressing up with plants, lights and other things. Looking forward to helping where I can and we have some plans for meals in the days ahead that have already got my mouth watering.

So I may get time to write something next week but if not then hopefully the week after. Hope you are all well and enjoying these more newsy WWWs about my travels and where I will be going next etc.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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