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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 103 – Ayahuasca, Crutches and Natural ways.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Each unto their own, no judgement! But, why do we feel the need to use ways that deny us the power to be us; to be true to ourselves and be in our own power?

Is it that we have forgotten how to connect with our personal power, by allowing ourselves to be subjugated/overruled?

I have had this subject hanging around for a few weeks now and how lovely it is that it is a follow on from last weeks WWW Addiction. So, now is the right time, and for me a nod of confirmation given to me as I was watching the Thrive II film last night and there was a section on Ayahuasca. (ThriveOn.Com – the movie is free to watch for a limited time from 23rd April: Just want to say that this is an amazing movie that has touched on so many things that are currently guiding me like, e.g. what I call ‘personal power’, they call 'individual sovereignty'!

Since arriving to Barcelona for, as I received on the plane flying here, five years, I was guided to set up a Guided Meditation MeetUp and that is what I did. In the beginning I had maybe one or two people attending and only ran it every two weeks but eventually it grew and then was asked to hold it every week. It was, for me, a journey of discovery and a beautiful sharing of all that I received with those who attended. I didn’t make a lot of money from it but it did pay for the MeetUp fees and my expenses. There was, for me, greater abundance in watching how it was received by those who returned - including two from my very first meeting, how I grew with it and how happy it made me. March 2020 put an end to it. I was then guided only to work with those who had attended often and for the rest of the year we met weekly online and kept the energy moving. This year we are three plus me and back to biweekly meetings; still online. We have been taken much deeper and experienced some truly beautiful moments along with the sharing of them and the messages that come forward for us all.

Image by confused me from Pixabay

While running the MeetUp ‘in town’, I was often asked about my views on mind altering substances such as Ayahuasca. My own personal feeling is that we do not need to use anything extra for we have the power within us, individually, to get to the energy that they seek through the substances. Some might consider it a ‘short cut’ as opposed to the hours of work e.g. I have put in to be able to connect on the level I do but then, I have it with me always; not only when I use a substance. I am always in control! I stand in my own power. You can too.

Image by Alexander Lesnitsky from Pixabay

We are taught to rely on ‘crutches’ to support us through life. Crutch - a thing used for support or reassurance. What I have found with crutches, is that they have a habit of disempowering us. They subtly work on our psyche and we become dependent on them. When we become dependent then we can lose our personal power. What are you currently using as a crutch in your life?

They can become a habit and habits – a regular practice that is hard to give up, are undo-able, we can undo them. When we can be in our own personal power then we are gifted with a freedom to be. To be the person we were born to be. To stand in our own truth and live a life we are happy to live. For many years I believed that living on earth was ‘hell’. Religion talked about ‘up there’ being heaven and ‘down there’ being hell. So it was easy in my mind, and in the life I was surviving in, to come to the conclusion that I was living in hell. It was at that time that I decided that there must be more to life than this and that was the start of my journey of discovery which started with a gifted moment of receiving the energy I needed to move me out of the hell I was currently in.

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

We have many forms of addiction in human life, and recognising that is a first step to freeing ourselves from them. I questioned if my use of tarot/oracle cards were a crutch or an addiction but they did not hold me in a powerless state, in fact it was the opposite. They guided me, they gave me the ability to find a strength of self that I didn’t ‘think’ I had. I was blessed also to find the power of my totem animals and feel, literally feel, (if you can do that?) their power as they stand close by me.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

When we begin to realise that we have learned to think in a particular way because others have wanted us to think that way, then a new world opens up for us. Anyone who has your best interests at heart will allow you to be you and, as they say in the film, as long as it is non-aggressive. When someone moves you to anger then STOP! BREATHE! ASK why you are being angered. What has it triggered within you that has caused this reaction? Does it serve you to retaliate? The way I see it, that only begets negative action. It does not come from a place of unconditional love. We can hold ourselves in that loving energy and extend that to others, but, it is not for us to change them. We have to allow them to be themselves as we to wish to be ourselves.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Let us hold ourselves in an unconditional loving energy today that accepts us as we are and extends to loving others in the same way. Our guide with this is – are we happy? If we are not happy then this is a sign that we can change something about us, if we want to. Maybe we want to be unhappy but then that would lead us to question why, for unhappiness is not aligned to the energy of unconditional love.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

Image on my blue also by John Hain from Pixabay

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