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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 102 – Addiction

The *American Society of Addictive Medicine: ‘What is the definition of addiction? Addiction is a treatable, chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individual’s life experiences. People with addiction use substances or engage in behaviors that become compulsive and often continue despite harmful consequences. Prevention efforts and treatment approaches for addiction are generally as successful as those for other chronic diseases.’ Adopted by the ASAM Board of Directors September 15, 2019.

Image by Roland Klampfer from Pixabay

We can all suffer from addictions in our life and some at a higher level than others. For my own part I have found that due to my lack of love for myself, now thankfully in the past, I allowed my head to overrule my heart for the best part of my life and became addicted to e.g. collecting things, to over indulgence and self pity. If I had had more money in my life then I can only imagine some of the other things I could have let myself become addicted to.

Addiction is an affliction of the ego mind. It does not come from unconditional love. Why do we find it so easy to hurt ourselves in so many ways? What does society do to shore up addiction? For my part, I perceive that it encourages a ‘needy’ society because from that foundation we can be controlled. It would not pay them to have everybody strong in their own self! So, they make it possible for us to become ill through encouraging the belief of what little control we have over ourselves. We then spend money on ‘medicines’ to try and make us better but that often ends up in further addictions; an ever downward spiralling energy that takes us into a hell of our own making. *‘’Since 2011, the public understanding and acceptance of addiction as a chronic brain disease and the possibility of remission and recovery have increased. At the same time, there is growing acknowledgment of the roles of prevention and harm reduction in the spectrum of addiction and recovery.’ See also:

We don’t need a ‘Nanny state’, we don’t need their controls, we need a new and learned understanding of the individual power that each of us has available to us from within. It is the power of all creation. A freedom of being that allows us to ‘taste’ all things in moderation, or as is our want, without the fear of ‘it’ controlling us. We are born with free will, we are the ones in control. That control comes from the heart and travels to the mind – not the other way round. When we realise that through generational teachings we have been led into a belief of how things are, rather than being taught to have our own power, then we can start to redress that negative energy. Others have wanted us to be in fear as this means we can be manipulated. It is not a healthy place to be, it is not a loving place to be. Today, individually, one by one, we can reverse this crucifixion of human life. It starts with me and with you. Evolution not Revolution! Don’t try and change it all overnight. Take small steps. Create a strong foundation of self that lets us stand strong within ourselves in the face of all adversity. Let us find the love that truly does live in this world and is accessible to all when we open our hearts to receive it. To open our hearts we have to still the monkey mind that loves to make up stories of fear to keep us from connecting to our hearts. When we do connect, we then have control over the mind and it has to work for us; not rule us.

Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

Let us not treat the afflictions of addictions per se, but look beyond to find the root cause that holds us in that downward spiral and reverse the path back to health, to wholeness, to love. Let us first and foremost do it for ourselves before others and allow the osmosis of these actions to be seen and felt by others so that they too become intrigued in this new way to live.

There are many teachings available to us and they have existed for millennia but they have been suppressed by the ‘old world order’ that now requires to be rebalanced. We may wish to engage in that destructive energy, that is our choice, but that does not come from the energy of love. It has its reasons for being. It helps us to see what we do or don’t want in our lives.

The new world energy requires the balance to be redressed as for too long it has been weighted to those who wish to control us. Do we wish to continue to live in fear? Or, are we ready to live in a new world, where there is enough for everyone to have all their needs met, allowing them/us to engage in all that life has to offer? I do not curtail creation of any kind, I love art, I love style, I love change and new, but I do question how we can live from love and watch others starve? We could continually give them food but then what? We need to start with personal value, to remove the ‘subservience’ energy that exists and teach that it is right to reach for the oxygen mask first, to be the best that we can be and allow others to be the best of their selves too.

As ever these are my views, my blog, but views that I have been guided to unearth and understand from a higher perspective, from a greater power that exists beyond humanity. One of the greatest fears we can have as a human is death, physical death but when we learn of an eternal life, a life that is energy, a life beyond this life, then we can view death of the physical as just another journey through the infinite all that is; removing the fear and embracing the future.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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