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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 100 – New Beginnings

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The power of the number one, the new beginning before the zeros; full circle. The hen and egg scenario of what came first and does it really matter? Why do we need to know, if it does us no harm? Can we lift ourselves out of the melee that tries to drag everyone into that way of thinking and being; as in being the way of others? What I offer in these weekly wisdoms is always within your power, you decide. I am not here to say one way is right over another but to give you the opportunity to look deeper into what I discuss and how comfortably it sits within you; or not. I would hope that if you are uncomfortable with anything I say then you would take that feeling and search a little deeper to find out what it is that makes you uneasy with it and consider sharing it with me too; allowing me to understand your view. These writings today are not channelled but I have the energy of spirit around me as I write and that has a certain amount of influence on me and what I write.

Back in week six WWW I wrote about Whose Reality. I had no notion back then that I would reach one hundred. With my penchant for numbers and numerology I look into the number six. First of I would share that this is the numerology of the day of my birth ‘A 6 on your numerology chart or a birth date on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of a month will lead to number 6 qualities. The number 6 is the embodiment of the heart. It represents unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture, and heal. It is a powerful force of compassion and empathy and its warm light is a beacon of hope. Its role is to use its heart and soul to be of service to others.’ On another ‘note’ we have The Devil card in the major arcana, number 15 = 6. So we see that no matter where we look in life there is good and bad, easy and difficult, comfort and discomfort, wellness and illness – the list goes on. It is a world of duality, making peace with that is a step to a more comfortable way of life. We are the ones with the free will. We choose. https://www.numerology.com/articles/about-numerology/single-digit-number-6-meaning/ See also https://www.buildingbeautifulsouls.com/symbols-meanings/numerology-meanings/numerology-6-life-path-number/

When our choice is distorted, not a true feeling that we hold within ourselves, but a learned knowledge through the lens of another, then we have to be discerning as to whether that is right for us. I have a love for rock music. Some would say I cannot be ‘spiritual’ for that is the work of the Devil. But I know who I am and I have no want to quash the views and taste of another nor dress them up with fear based energy. Fear is a powerful tool. It is capable of stealing life from us. It can disable us and destroy us. We need to be able to understand what is our own and personal reality and to be comfortable living in that place; to do what is right for us without causing hurt to others. [This is not perceived hurt on their part!]

Has true democracy succumbed to fear and become more of a dictatorship? Just putting it out there for I think this is too big for me to answer here and now; maybe I will revisit with it in the future. Meanwhile let us look into the meaning of the words: Democracy = A form of government, a political system, political theory, ideology etc. Dictatorship = One man rule, absolutism, authoritarianism, despotism etc. Is there a force pervading our democracies and using their will to their own end? My one test for this is in any walk of life is to ask – do they allow us to be who we are or are they trying to changes us? What are your views?

Maybe today we will consider in drawing full circle the things in life that do not serve our own well being and learn to stand in the power of the wonderfully unique beings that we are, that everyone is but again, in not causing discomfort or hurt to another. Where someone is in that energy they will always try to change another. I am very happy to live alongside any alien being that is different to me as long as they allow me to be me. Will this be the way of the new world? Only we have the power to make this change if it ‘speaks’ to us; a life that would be fair to all and it starts with us, one person at a time. With the only end goal being the true energy that is unconditional love.

Guardian Angel Oracle

Today, the day of my 100th Wednesday Weekly Wisdom, my first ‘century’ of sharing and caring, a journey of discovery and growth in my own life while caring about the lives of others. A day when I am presenting to you an opportunity to go within yourself and see if there are any circles in your life that are ready to be rounded off and, in so doing, embrace a new beginning, a new start, a new outlook into what life is and how it can be for you. Numerology is only one tool in many that can assist us on this life journey. A tool that allows us to connect with the energy that speaks to us individually, as is right for our own being. But if we don’t open ourselves up to receive then we will stumble on blindly unaware of how much easier it can be. It reminds me of the analogy that Spirit gave me about using all knowledge available to me. They asked me if I would throw away directions that someone gave me that would have enabled me to drive into a city I had never been to before, with greater ease, or would I use them! Our choice, we decide, but, I for one would not ‘look this gift horse in the mouth’. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/don%27t+look+a+gift+horse+in+the+mouth

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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