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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 099 – Knowing Your Mind, Finding Your Heart

Saturday morning over my cup of coffee my ‘mind’ was on a journey of remembrance. I say my mind but I know another energy was with me too assisting me along the path of discovery. It has been six months since my dear mother died. During this current pandemic situation I was unable to get back from Spain to see her in person though I ‘visited’ with her often during her failing days. I would envision myself snuggled around her on the bed, soothing her, telling her it was okay to let go and go into the light. I knew she had been ‘seeing’ people during her ‘dreams’ and was given a glimpse of her mum and dad being there for her when she eventually crossed over; on my birthday. What a beautiful gift to be with me on that day in the only way she could be.

My granddad, mum’s dad, had been a shepherd, born in the Scottish Borders. His father too had been a shepherd and had, when he was a young man, travelled to the Falkland Islands to work there. Can you imagine the trip back then, how long it must have taken and for a very grounded person to find themselves on the sea for all that time? They were ‘of the land’. Steeped in the knowingness of life and how it had to be lived; to survive. Granddad’s flock of sheep would have been known to him intimately. Each one with their own unique way of being.

Life has ‘progressed’ into bulk farming where the natural way of being has been lost. The financial ‘money men’ have pushed the world into an unnatural place, where people are considered no more than numbers; a commodity. So it has not only been lost in the farming communities, but expanded into other businesses, and from business into government where strangers govern over areas that they have no heritage with. Where they see a ‘flock’ and not a community of individuals. Where a one size fits all approach to life crept into being like the plants that grow over trees or shrubs only to suck the life out of the very support that enabled their growth.

Today we are being called back to know our own individuality, our uniqueness and what that means as a strength of being where we are able to be our self within a community of unique people. To remove ourselves from competitiveness that only supports the victor and not the participants. To learn to nourish each other and celebrate our uniqueness and achievements but not at the cost of lessening the life of another as in current practices. Where we can remove ourselves from a perceived fear that holds us in a hell of our own making.

Victory over another is the energy of war and breeds an us and them mentality. When we are all able to stand in our own individual power of being, without fear of ‘death’, of being part of Source, God, Divine, then there is no need to be better than anyone else but to be comfortable and joyous in being ourselves. Once we reach that place then we can be there to support each other. Where one person is good at one thing and another with something else. This will be interchangeable rather than used to gain ‘upmanship’ on another.

Who has the right to set the value of a nurse over a politician or the ‘leader’ of a company. It exists because of what we discussed last week, nobility! A group of people who were given the right to be more than their fellow human beings. Or by belief in an us over them mentality which is oppression, persecution, subjugation; not acceptable! Everyone has a right to live a decent life, to be themselves, to have their basic needs met. This new world we are creating, is one where we can have this and it doesn’t come from insurrection or brute force. It will be achievable through everyone being able to learn that it is okay to be themselves, what they were born to be rather than moulded into by an unfair and unjust world. It won’t happen overnight, it will have its own organic momentum. With more and more people seeing this as the way ahead we will build through the power of energy in an organic, evolutionary way, not revolution.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

When we hold onto old pains, wounds, ancestral traumas etc. then we live in an ego mind that believes that we have to suffer. I don’t often (so far) connect direct with the energy of Jesus but have had moments during my life where he has appeared to me and always with development and growth advice. His message to me with regard to suffering was: ‘Did I not suffer enough for all of humanity?’ Tears of humility coursed down my face from being able to release my own guilt of the suffering I have experienced, received and caused in this life. No greater a release I have ever experienced. Permission not to suffer!

So, let us use the power that we have individually to assist in building a new world, a fairer world where all we have to do is start with us, one person at a time, not wanting to change others but only ourselves and how we perceive life to be.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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