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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 096 – PULLING THE WOOL (over our eyes)

Hoodwink is a great word to describe a deceitful act that feels all to present of late. Another delightful synonym is bamboozle. As much as I feel the energy of uprising, I would not encourage this but understand the need of some to make their feelings known in this way.

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

Having had the privilege to work with the energy of the Spirit world, I am guided to encourage all to work on their selves first before judging others. When we go within, when we are able to take charge of the ego mind instead of it ruling us, we can then step into the power of who we are in a blended way which I call the divine trinity of who we are. Rather than allowing us to belittle ourselves by adopting the messages we may have heard in the past like ‘who do you think you are, you’re too big for your boots, who rattled your cage, your opinions are not important – this is how it is, this is how it has always been’ etc. let us start to see ourselves as wonderfully unique people who are spiritual beings here to create, to grow and to learn. This world is big enough for all of us to live in in peace, in being who we are alongside all others. We can choose who we want to be with but that should not create division. Division comes when we allow the ego to over-rule the heart.

When we connect with the power of love [per last weeks WWW] it comes with an unconditional acceptance of letting things be, allowing a natural flow. But, we are human, not fully spirit and there are things that happen in a human life that are against the will of others. When that is done in an oppressive way, where one person or a group of people use their power to ‘pull the wool’ over the eyes of others, then we may consider to question why it is that we react to it. Does this come from an ego mind or from the heart that does not want others to suffer? There appears to be an energy of underhandedness in this current era, too many people who are living an egotistical life that has them believing they are more worthy to life than that of the lives of others. Where is compassion, where is humility, where is our love for others? What makes us ‘think’ that there must be competition and that there are winners and losers? Why can’t it be a win-win for all?

I feel an urge to question the practice of reporting, when was the day that the rot set into this once noble profession? Why is it allowed to persist? Who gives them the right to bring pain and despair to the lives of many and the blinkered view of ‘this is just how it is so get used to it’ attitude? Monopolies are another bastardised abuse of professions and professional life. Are we not living in a time of waking up to see that these dominant giants are killing the life of others and that they have no compassion to the percentage of people in this world? How sad this is, where we find governments cow tow to the few and through their inability to rule in a fair and just way by giving more credence to the monopolies than the public. The ruling ‘elite’ need to be held to account for where their monitory wealth originally and currently comes from. In my mind this was and is from out of the mouths and bellies of others who have starved/ starve during their experiences of life here on earth. In this day and age can we truly live oblivious to the needs of others? Why isn’t there enough to go round? It is my view that this ultimately stems from fear and on the other hand an egotistical way of living life.

Why is it that human needs cannot be met today in this 2021st year? Why are all the things we truly need not freely available to people to live their lives? Oh, to have that choice! Where is philanthropy in today’s world? Where is the compassion when we find that those who do not have will dip into their pocket to help others before those who have more than enough? Much of this comes from perception of what we own. Look around you, what do you own that you don’t really need to survive in this world?

We have been hoodwinked by the marketers that would have us believe that we can’t truly live without xyz. We need to be able to connect with what is the true need within us, what we truly need to live life and know that all others things are just dressing. That kind of dressing we can find for free in the pleasures of nature if we look with the right eyes, our given eyes, not through the eyes of those wishing to make a profit from us. So, can we get the governments to reign in the big money manipulators of life? Can we stop the crazy buy outs that stops unique creative solutions to be hid from the world for the only reason than it would take away the huge profits of those companies? I don’t have the answers but I really feel a need for questions like this to start to be asked, discussed and debated and for each and everyone of us to know the power we have within us to be our wonderful unique selves.

Much love, Namaste, Patricia xx

Marketing image on my blue by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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