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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 095 – Embracing the Power of Love

All things are currently pulling me towards this divine energy which is available to us all should we choose to open our hearts to receive. This morning I am listening to a free Webinar via Dr Ibrahim Jaffe of the teachings of love is that we have to follow Divine Law i.e. the will of Divinity in relationship to another human being. The first step is in learning what is the ‘will’ of the Divinity in relation to love. The will of God wants us to surrender our hearts to our

beloveds’ in comparison to the ‘commercial’ ways we have learned to be, I bring x and you bring y so together we have both; about having rather than being. Dr Jaffe guides us that it is about surrendering to vulnerability and proffering that to another so they can know the truth of you. You have to surrender to each other. Non surrender stops us from merging with each other and the relationship will ‘break’. ‘Together in surrender you will raise up into love, a higher state of love.’

How do we open our hearts to give this surrender? When we open our hearts to the Divine then that love fills us. ‘We give that love to the other, the other person receives it then you have to give it back.’ The flow has to happen otherwise the love falls through the cracks; it is not complete. When we are single we can have a united relationship with God – Source – The Creator – Great Spirit i.e. the energy that is Love. When you don’t take this love inside of you then you are love pretending to be love – a pretender.

As a child I was aware that a greater love existed and through my life I have been in search of it. It is so sad that these beautiful teachings are not available to everyone as a child. Who keeps these teachings from us? For me, it is those who wish to oppress us. Those who want to, or 'think' it is the right way to be, to ‘lord’ over us - to put the mind before the heart. Today, do you have feelings of supremacy over others? Do you feel above or better than others? Or, are you able to see every individual as another spiritual being having a human experience just as we are and no matter what their life is? This does not mean we need to be around them but can accept them as they are.

I am deeply moved that this love, this surrender of being true to ourselves and willingness to share with others, I have found in the community project that is the Positive impact Movement – socially conscious changemakers – together we are limitless The joy that exists within our gatherings is so ego-less that the energy supports us individually even when we are not physically (or virtually) within the encounters. We celebrate each other without judgement. We are open-hearted knowing that there is enough of everything for everybody – no competition or one-upmanship energy. It is about surrender, being organic, allowing the natural flow of being to bring the energies together. For me, it is a taste of the new world which will be available to all eventually – of this I am in no doubt, I feel it in my soul.

The astrology of now gives us guidance into this deeper essence of being. Pam Gregory in her March 13th New Moon video on YouTube shares with us the current planetary positioning that brings us connection to Source – the Divine. That ‘we are being encouraged to use our inner state as our reference point and check into it as to being in joy, gratitude, appreciation, love, peace as opposed to e.g. fear and panic.

Starve out the things you don’t want in your life, give them no attention.’ She introduces us to Dr David Hawkins and his quote ‘Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.’

Another quote on the above link is the following and fits beautifully with the Sufi teachings above: ‘Surrender is a constant process of not resisting or clinging to the moment but instead, continuously turning it over to God. The attention is thus focused on the process of letting go and not on the content of the ‘what’ that is being surrendered.

I am also delighted to be participating in the Hour of Grace gatherings every Wednesday at 3pm GMT. ‘Spirit informed Sebastián [Blaksley – Choose Only Love] that in order to receive the embrace of Mary and the gift of an Angel, silent communion with nothing added is the most important and effective way of receiving and absorbing what is being given. . . Please watch this video to hear the full mission and explanation about these weekly sessions, in both Spanish and English with Sebastián, Coralie and Mandi:’

During last weeks hour I was in receipt of the most beautiful download of ‘Love Is’ and share it with you here today - excerpt below and full pdf attached to email. For me this was a miracle in its process and energy and in my ability to surrender to it and accept it through the openness of what Love truly is.

Read both in columns and across:

Leaving you in the greatness of love surrendered through me to you. Namaste, Patricia xx

Image (on my blue) by PIR04D from Pixabay

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