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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 093 – Shamans and Shamanism

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

This week in my daily card readings [I use the Shadowscapes Tarot] I have been drawn back to references from the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson – The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, based on the native American ancestral ways. I have used the Medicine Cards for the past thirty plus years having started by working with the book and the stories therein.

When I travelled the spiritual development route I was supported in my learning by the animals. My first ever church service to share messages was at the Hexham Spiritualist Church where on entering the building [the Moot Hall c1400] for the first time, I was approached by their healer who said to me: I see you brought your wolf with you. Well, how beautiful to have corroborated from someone who didn’t know me before then that I indeed had a strong connection with wolf spirit. I needed that strength, both from the wolf and the bear who are my two main totem animals, for, in my development, what I received was different to how others worked. For them, back then, it was all about bringing through messages from departed relatives and friends. For me it was all about sharing information that would bring an upliftment to the life of the person receiving the message. This may have happened because learning healing was my main drive in joining the development group, it was my path; I had no intention to do podium work, Spirit had a different intention.

The first person I was called to at that service, Spirit showed me an image of a giraffe overlaying her face. Slight panic set in as this was no native American animal! I breathed, I remembered my training, I trusted and gave what I received. My second message was via a border collie dog! As I type this I am listening to a card reading by Secret Shaman Oracles and the cards she is using today are heavily weighted towards animals and she is also using the Shadowscapes Tarot – no such things as coincidences, right?

Wind - Silence - Heart by Dream Catcher

In the introduction to the Medicine Cards book it mentions: ‘Our intention, as shamans and healers, is to begin a process for many people who have never understood their connection to our Mother Earth and to all her creatures. We hope to open a new doorway of understanding for those who seek the Oneness of all life.’ I was open to that Oneness but I get hung up on words and labels. My own journey has me connecting with energies that I do not label. I have accepted that whomsoever needs/wants to work through me will and respect my boundaries of only working for love and light. This does not mean that I live in an ‘unrealistic’ world, but that having known the darkness I choose now to work with love and light. Redressing the balance, Spirit tells me.

So, what is a Shaman – what is Shamanism. Unfortunately like many things in life the title has been blurred and used as a marketing tool in many circumstances. During this last week I was guided to watch a video by Nick Polizzi Accessing The Invisible Realms for Guidance and Healing; introducing Sandra Ingerman. ‘Shamanism is Spirit driven – we don’t choose – we are picked up and set down on it! The video was the free giveaway pre selling a course. I knew I didn’t need the course but having been guided to listen to the sharing, I ended up with seven pages of an A5 notebook of notes which included the question What is Shamanism? ‘A universal practice that we know dates back at least 100,000 years. The word comes from a Siberian culture and means “one who sees in the dark, healer, one who knows.” It is a practice of direct revelation. . . There are two path, one being a Shaman and the other being the ones who choose to listen to Spirit but not to ‘work’ for Spirit. . . Everyone should know you have your own spiritual authority to be able to work with your own soul, your own spirits knowing, your own divine self. You also have access to these helpful Spirits who volunteer themselves to every single being when you are born whether you practice Shamanism or not.’ I went on to check out Sandra Ingerman on YouTube and found a video in 6 short parts from 2009 that I wish I had been able to listen to back then – but, maybe I wasn’t ready to hear it then!

Wolf Prayer - White Eagle by Sunshine Creations

Words have no meaning without love – Sandra shares. My hope is, that in my Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms, you find the love of my caring and sharing. Astrologically I am Libra with moon in Aquarius, both air signs so sometimes can be seen as being a bit lofty in my ideals or, ‘away with the fairies’! There is never any intention on my part to isolate or diminish anybody's power, it is quite the opposite. My healing journey has been to learn, and make available to others, for you to decide your own paths to journey on. Whether anyone wants to label me as a Shaman or not is their decision. Today and always I will be me, endlessly searching and learning to know what that means and how I can be at peace with that freedom to find joy in my life.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

Image on my blue background is by Doreen Sawitza from Pixabay

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