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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 092 – New Moon and Arrogance

Wasn’t sure as I started this today that these two would go together but let’s see where it takes us! Tomorrow, the 11th, we have the new moon in Aquarius. This year it would appear that we are most definitely into the age of Aquarius; there has been much deliberations as to when it actually starts/started. Like the planets, we feel the energy of these cosmic movements long before the precise moment and long after. This blending of energy is a beautiful complex creation and beyond our human minds to fully grasp. We can however receive glimpses into this realm through the amazing people who study astrology, it is a lifetimes work as their learning never ends.

One of my particular favourites is Molly McCord and I believe I find both comfort and support in her delivery as she works intuitively alongside her learned knowledge of astrology. *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2Jb_GXd7Hgwww.consciousintuitiveastrology.com

Molly tells us that this is the most important new moon of 2021. For me, as it is on the 11th then that already gives us the master number 11 plus reduces to 2 which is a nice balance in this second month of the year. Guided to a different numerology source today, the first one I click on resonates perfectly for today’s blog, thank you Angels! Via thesecretofthetarot.com › Angel number 11 is a message from the angels concerning your soul mission or greater life purpose. When the angels send you messages containing Master Number 11 they are sending you inspiration and encouragement to develop your abilities in ways that will help all of humanity. Angel number 11 symbolizes the principles of spiritual enlightenment and awakening and is a reminder from our angels that we have come to this physical world from the realm of spirit.

Molly goes on to tell us that ‘the energy of this new moon goes on into’ 2023 [wow, that is powerful!]. ‘It is about looking at where you want to go in your life now, what inspires you, what you need to focus on to create what the vision is’ etc. The area of your life this sits in depends on your birth chart [blueprint] and what house 23degrees of Aquarius sits in. For me it is the 8th house = transformation etc. and fits very well with my current circumstances of ‘moving my life forward.’ Currently we have six planets in this sign – ‘last year there was a ‘line up’ in Capricorn which showed us what wasn’t working for us, now we are being asked to know who we are at an individual level.’ This is what my daily card readings have been relentlessly telling us over the past few weeks.

Here is where I feel we fit with the need to look at the word arrogance. We could be arrogant in believing that we are totally in control of our own lives but one thing that has shook up that view is the current world situation. Some will always hold themselves in that place, their choice, we all have free will. But, our lives can be so much better if we go with the flow and open up to the bigger picture of what life really is. I am not arrogant enough to think that I know exactly what that really is but on my journey I have been afforded communication with ‘something’ that is much greater than anything in this physical world.

What really is arrogance? ‘. . . an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities

Image by Rilsonav from Pixabay https://languages.oup.com/

We are being asked to ‘wake up’ to a bigger picture of life. Arrogance means we are not in synch between our feeling hearts and our thinking minds. If we all lived in the strength of our own unconditional loving hearts rather than our ego driven minds then we would care more about our fellow humans and want for a better world for all to live in.

Back to Molly: ‘. . . the energy we are initiating now goes into early January 2023 . . . during this time we are going to ‘understand more about who we are, what our gifts are, what we like, what brings us joy, what lifts us up, what inspires us, where we are meant to see us and understand who we are’! I hope you watch the full video on YouTube* to get the full picture of her excellent sharing. Please like, if you do, and consider hitting the subscribe button for access to her free sharing of past and future information. You can click on the bell to receive notifications if you subscribe.

Through our arrogance we can make assumptions that are only ever in our heads, this ‘colours’ our view and we become biased. How can we start to learn to allow everyone to be themselves and not be arrogant enough to make assumptions about them? I have Angel guidance through the following sentence that sits with me each time I write one of these blogs. It is: Angel of Power: I am energised by the power of Universal Love. Go gently, consider others receipt of my words.

I can only do my best, if I allow that to be, but in doing my best I am taking into consideration how others receive me, my thoughts and ruminations. How much consideration do we as a human race currently give to others? What seed of intention will you plant on this new moon?

Staying open to my authenticity, and going with the flow . . . . Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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