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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 091 – Numbers, Figures and Percentages

This subject has been ruminating through my being for some time now and today it gets its airing. Probably spurred on by my now need to know what is happening re the new big ‘C’ and because Brexit means I have to leave Spain by end of March. If it wasn’t for Brexit I probably would stay put until I was guided to go. If it wasn’t for the new big ‘C’ [from now on referred to as ‘C’] then I would have no problems with travelling back. I could have stayed by applying for residency but I know I am not to stay and therefore find myself in my current situation. Currently there is only one flight in March, end of the month, and I am booked on it. We will cross that bridge when we come to it and meanwhile I will ponder that which is flagging up in my attention.

By Jill*

This morning I did some checking on figures. All I have been seeing on reports be they television or newspapers (via internet) is [scary] numbers and not percentages. Me being me, I want to know why! Maybe it is my learning style which I once got to understand as being one of sixteen different ways we learn which made sense to me when I saw it written down. It also continues to highlight for me that the old adage of ‘one size fits all’ approach to life is well outdated.

The current population of Scotland is 5.454 million. Current cases of ‘C’ are sitting at (UK 3.853 million). Therefore, we could say 71% of the Scottish population to give us a ‘picture’ of numbers but this is not a true figure as it is a UK number not just a Scottish one. Current world population is 7.8 billion. The Scottish percentage of that is 0.143% The UK percentage is 1.15% (67.886,011) Just think, each one of us UK people are that one on the end ;-) From this week in 2018 UK figures: Community influenza surveillance: One hundred and seventy-four [174]new acute respiratory outbreaks have been reported in the past 7 days compared to 229 in the previous week. One hundred and seventeen [117] outbreaks were from care homes, where 27 tested positive for influenza A(unknown subtype), 32 were positive for influenza, one was positive for a mixed infection of influenza A(unknown subtype) and influenza B. Nineteen [19] outbreaks were from hospitals where four tested positive for influenza A(unknown subtype), 10 for influenza B, one for a mixed infection of influenza A(unknown subtype) and influenza B. Twenty-eight [28] outbreaks were from schools with no test results available. The remaining 10 outbreaks were reported from the Other settings category, where three tested positive for influenza B and two for influenza A(unknown subtype).

Image by chenspec from Pixabay female

My head is hurting looking at these figures so my apologies if yours is hurting too. As we can see from 2018 figures the i.e. 174 cases in seven days based on total UK population, in comparison to the figures for Latest data provided on 2 February 2021, i.e. 16,840 positive cases. yes, it is serious. It is worse than the ‘normal’ flu figures. But, 16,840 of a UK population of 67.886,011 = 0.004%

How is it looking worldwide? This is an excellent chart but again, for me, it falls short in not showing the numbers as in percentages of the countries population. I would however be concerned over the high percentage of deaths in Mexico compared to the rest of the world figures in this photo. Is this a country that is silently calling out for help?

Meanwhile, what else is actually happening in the world? We are being forced to focus on ‘C’ by a predominance of reporting that holds the world in fear rather than in looking beyond the current tragedy and giving us a true picture of life on earth. Wherever this has come from, it is here. We need to live with it [hopefully!] and the vaccination program appears to be the best way of currently saving the lives of people regardless as to how we perceive the upper-hand place that the pharmaceuticals hold and any fall-out from how that one size fits all ‘fix’ affects individuals. It is only my opinion that something so powerful should become governed by the people and not by individuals who use that power in what would appear to be a self propelled/ self interested way. Hmm, my computer doesn’t like that, it started playing up as I wrote this :-( Is ‘big brother’ watching me? I don’t have much of an influence/ reach so they have no worries there. But, let me finish by saying that, I feel the future holds hope for individuals to step out of the old fears that kept us blinkered in following a powerless way of being and finding our own personal and individual power within ourselves. Together, in that kind of place – in that place of love for all of mankind, we can make a collective difference to living on planet earth.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

*Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay little-girl Blog post world Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay

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