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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 087 – Welcome 2021

A bit of a follow on from last week asking us to start the year as we mean to continue , on a positive note e.g. as Rudyard Kipling put it in his poem ‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs . . .

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A lot of people have been waiting for things to ‘return to normal’ but I have to say that things will never be our old ‘normal’ again. Early last year I was given that, whatever was going to kick off in 2020, was as big as the energy of the industrial revolution, back in the day and we all know the differences that made in the world with the invention of machinery and locomotion etc. We may have to take time to adapt ourselves into a new way of being in this world given the current situation but if we can hold ourselves in positive energy then that will assist us to be open to the ongoing changes as they develop. We can be in control of positivity for ourselves should we choose to do so, but we have little real control over anything else. This means the more we can be ‘fluid’ and ‘flow’ with the course the ‘river’ is taking us then we should not encounter the dams and blocks that can occur in this medium.

For me, I am truly grateful that I have been able to listen to and be guided by the messages that I have been given and personally received that a) brought me to Barcelona and my five years here and, b) give me faith and trust that where I go next will be just as interesting a journey as this has been. To that I have to add, as everybody is experiencing, the uncertainty of the virus situation and, for me being a UK citizen, our removal from the collective energy of the European Union. I had thought I might visit Italy next and that was the carrot at the end of the stick that has given me a focus of an unknown future especially travelling light as I do and not having the stability of my own home base to ‘fall back on’. I do however have the most wonderful relatives and friends who would ‘not see me stuck’ should I find myself without accommodation at any time. I don’t even have a car any more that I could sleep in! Still, fourteen months in a flat with a sea view of the Mediterranean was a dream come true from my first holiday abroad in 1993. What will be will be and as much as this journey has had its difficulties, it has allowed me to see a different kind of life that resonates with my heart feelings and knowings that we can live differently. To live in a way that allows everyone to have a roof over there head, water to drink, food to eat . i.e. all the basic human needs that in this year of 2021 should be available to all. Also to achieve peace on earth, I truly believe it is possible.

It was a difficult yet a releasing journey to give up all that I owned and unknowingly weighed me down, keeping me stuck in the life I had lived up until I left in 2016. There have been times when I have missed some things but in the bigger picture I have received so much more in the gifts of the things I have seen, the places I have visited and the people I have met. I definitely enjoy hotter temperatures but not without the sea breeze that makes it comfortable. I have enjoyed seeing the sun almost every day, never having known that this was how other people lived their lives; me being used to the Scottish borders weather. I am sure there are many other things I could experience in life but not without giving thanks for all the beauty, fun, childlike excitement and enthusiasm that this journey has brought me on. I am reminded of the film Chocolat and as in that film I can feel a changing wind coming that will move me on to who knows where but ready to embrace my future wherever that lies.

This journey has allowed me to experience the knowledge that nothing truly matters, it just is. The way we engage with it is either positive or negative. Positive assists us and negative slams the brakes on. Positive is the joy of receiving while negative has us living in fear of what ifs! Be easy on ourselves, we are here to experience a human existence and all that goes with it. We are all at different stages and that is what provides the beautiful complexity of the world we live in. We are however moving into a new world, a new way of living on earth, a new age revolution that will have us learning through positive things rather than negative. No more sacrifice or believing we have to suffer to learn. As I received from what I believe was the energy of Jesus, I was told: ‘Didn’t I suffer enough for everyone on earth!’ But, others would have had us believe that we must suffer, we must work hard to achieve and always pushing ourselves. Unfortunately that one size fits all approach has brought its own pain and angst as some who cannot cope with what they perceive is required from them and they check out from this life while others continue to live in stress and discomfort of addictions etc.

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Let us learn to know ourselves individually, not as a clone of others or in the mould of what someone else thinks we should be. Let us celebrate that uniqueness of being. From that place we will then be able to build true communities of togetherness where nothing really matters and we can support each other from the strengths we all posses – we all have something special and different to bring to this life. Think of the creative energy that will release from that and what might be our future.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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