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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 086 –What Day is it!

Last week I lost track of the days, easy to do at this time of year and especially when you are able to kick back and release the need to always be checking in on appointments, calendars and our watches (or in my case mobile phone or pc as I gave up wearing watches many moons ago).

This week I wanted to do some work for someone who was having a hard time and they benefited not only from a card reading but from sharing the basics of their astrology also. It takes some time and I also need to be in the right frame of mind to be able to pull the information together but, I was given the energy I needed and the investigation proved to be interesting for me too to work on, to which I am grateful. Thankfully finished it in time to be able to bring you this today.

Meanwhile, while I had my coffee this morning, I was listening to YouTube videos of astrologers talking about today’s full moon which was exact at 03:28 hours and penned the following:

Release and be as we are, here, today acceptance release self sabotage new days are coming better than before be ready to embrace the future, here, now trust instinct be our inner compass find our true north release and be.

During the week I was inspired to comment on a post in LinkedIn that was suggesting that 2021 would be worse than 2020 has been. The deluge of comments were all based on e.g. Might as well give up now then! My comment was: Wow, such fear based reactions, is no one else able to see the Positive changes that 2020 has brought us? Have faith and let our own eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin know the truth of our individual life and what that means for us here and now. Use the Serenity prayer as a mantra.

I also watched a very interesting video from Greg Brayden: Unleashing the Power of the New - Conscious Life Expo 2020 FULL SHOW" on YouTube https://youtu.be/PN_fJGKv8XA He talks about harmonising heart – brain coherence; embracing our humanness to be our own master; brain doesn’t know the difference to what you are doing or thinking etc. So when we watch e.g. violence on tv our bodies take on that energy. When we listen to negative press . . .

Let us all learn how to access the power of who we are individually, celebrate that and the diversity of all our uniqueness instead of trying to manipulate into the one size fits all template that has never fitted. The energies around us now are encouraging us to be our true selves and that is very empowering. When we can stand in that energy and meet others on the same level in community, well, wow! What is not to love about that. Somewhere, sometime, someone once said ‘love is all there is’. ;-)

Greg even mentions at one point of how he was blessed as a youngster with having a ‘strong soul compass’! Do any of you resonate with this? I know how I have often felt gratitude for the times in my life when, what I called, a spark of energy, stopped me from giving up.

You may have started your new year on the Solstice or will do on the 1st of January, whatever your calendar or belief allow the energy of positivity and knowing that a better world is coming to harmonise in your heart and mind. It has a greater effect than what we have ever been led to believe. I for one have been wearing rose tinted glasses for a while now and have seen a major change in how I see life. I used to think hell was here on earth, today I have found heaven. Want to join me?

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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