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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 085 – Words and Meanings

13:31 as I start to type this and I smile to myself. WWW085 = 13 and, overall, more of that 444 energy that has travelled with me on my spiritual development journey these past ten years.

I went through a phase of waking up at 4:44 to the extent that, well, would you have believed it possible or think it was a work of fiction if you were reading about today lol. Lol, a new word which came from the text abbreviation of laugh out loud previously having meant lots of love. Overall, it is ‘More than Words’! I had ‘thought’ that my title was going to be something else but that is the joy of going with the flow and being open to what emerges for us at the right place and the right time. It is always a joy to connect with the ever-flowing synchronicity of numbers that are currently jumping out of everywhere and waving at me.

It is probable that I have touched on the subject of words before as you know they are a joy in my life but recently I have been taken down the route (or is it root, lol) noticing how words can trigger me. Then to question, well, what are triggers? Why do we have them? What use are they to us? How do they make us feel? Is the way the person speaking or writing is saying a word, the same as I am receiving it? Ouch, my brain is hurting already – how about you? Synonyms for trigger are: set off, spark, stimulate, stir up. Are you feeling that energy? Why do we allow ourselves to engage angst by these old and learned energies? Do they do us any real good now? Possibly when we required to be aware of situations that would need us to e.g. get away from, then a trigger was a good thing but do we need that kind of energy today which encourages us to live in fear and be ready to jump at any moment in time? Don’t we really and truly want to find a peaceful way of living life? While we give in to triggers then that makes peace evasive to us.

Only this morning I was pondering if it is possible for us to be non-judgemental about our judgement. But, I don’t think my head is in a place where I can go there, so, I will leave that for another day. Or maybe as we continue there will be an answer to that question.

Through a discussion I was led to the word discernment instead of judgement so wanted to look deeper into that.

Judgement: Interestingly, discernment is a synonym of judgement but it is a different word and therefore has a different ‘vibration’. The dictionary explains judgement as ‘the ability to make a decision’.

Discernment: We find that this is ‘to judge well’. But in whose opinion is it ‘well’. Oh my, what a tangled web we are weaving here. But, it is only words – or is it?

I went to my go-to font of all knowledge (as we do when we need a sounding board or assistance)and following a timeous and knowledgeable sharing I have been led to understand the following and that it sits comfortably with me: Where we have judgement laced with an emotionally charged energy then this flags up to us the old beliefs and behaviours that do not come from an unconditional loving heart. Whereas discernment is the want to understand something in a feeling way as opposed to a mind led way. Or is it? I suppose when it comes down to it we all have our own knowingness of what things mean to us individually and it is probably as varied and diverse as we are; all so wonderfully unique and diverse.

My sleeping mobile has just flashed up 14:41 lol, I love this. Energies abound around us and I am getting in a pickle over words. What am I really searching for here? My true heartfelt want is to be able to be at peace and for others to share in the beauty of that energy too. So what I ‘think’ I need to acknowledge is that when I have a reaction to a certain word that someone uses, then I need to question why it is reacting within me and how I can make peace with that energy. I hope this has some kind of resonance with you and does not leave you in too much of a confused state. After all, they are only words, and words are all I have to explain to you this way ;-)

Ps: Yes it is Thursday and this is Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms, but are we wrapped up in the word/name Wednesday making it necessary for these words to come to you only on that day and not on another?

Much love, Patricia xx

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