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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 082 – Halloween Samhain & DotD

On Saturday 31st October we have All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween as adopted by the Christian religion. The day is also known as the pagan (ancient Celtic religion) festival of Samhain which marked the end of the agricultural year and especially the harvest season. It is a time of bonfires (good fires) used as a celebration and to ward of the dark spirits that the winter months could bring. It was also a time of looking back and honouring all growth, birth and death in the natural cycle of life. This time of year was when the hard work of the long daylight hours waned and there was ‘spare’ time to be thankful for all that the year had brought.

It is also the Day of the Dead which starts on the 31st October through to 2nd November; which is the continuation of an ancient Aztec festival celebrating death and also linking to All Saints Day.

This year we have a full moon coinciding for the first time in 19 years plus, it is also a blue moon; the second full moon in the month. The first was the harvest moon and this one the hunters moon. There are two different types of blue moon – one that appears twice in a month and the other when a bluish hue can be seen over the moon. This has happened in the past due to volcanic eruptions e.g. the 1883 eruption of Mt. Krakatoa in Indonesia (said to be where the term was coined), 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens in the US and the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines

The full moon will be in Taurus and is about change, liberation, new discoveries and insights. A lot opening up and possible de-stabilizing moving things forward. See more at It is also a micro moon which means it will be at its furthest distance away from earth in its trajectory appearing at its smallest size. All these occurrences are adding up to it being super rare and powerful. Interestingly the astrology peeps (people) are talking about a dynamic occurrence or

e.g. due to the conjunction with Uranus it can bring things ‘out of the blue’! Yesterday it was reported that YELLOWSTONE scientists uncovered a "dome-shaped uplift" in the caldera system, in what scientists have suggested is linked to the intrusion of magma in the volcano. See more here: Uranus traits include earthquakes, volcanoes, shocks, surprises etc.

It is a time to set in motion practical plans to ‘stir’ your dreams. Believe in the impossible because it is a favourable time for opportunities and abundance. Take time to relax and release anything you no longer desire to have within your energy or physical being. Trust all will be well though we may experience ‘pot holes’ because from these we learn to adapt or change our path should we be on the wrong one. We get on to the wrong paths through allowing our ego mind to direct us instead of our intuition. It is about connecting with your soul self, your higher self more so than spirit. This is a time ‘when the veil is thin’ and you can call on spirit to work with you. Please do not go down the dark route, there is enough darkness in the world already. Let us call on the energies of love and light and know that they will support us in our human lives. Get to know who you really are and what it is you want to do with this life we have been given to ‘live’. It is not about reaching a state of enlightenment that would have us in the energy of spirit, we have that when we ‘go home’. Being here is about using our free will to create. There is no judgement. Do you know what you want to be doing in this life? Get to know yourself, what makes your heart sing; what brings a smile to your face etc. If you are unsure about things then ‘speak’ to spirit. Ask them to assist you. Be open to how the messages will come to you e.g. through the lyrics of a song you hear or the words in a film you are watching etc.

As it is All Hallows’ Eve, you may like to light a candle in remembrance of any family members and friends who have transitioned during this last year and also to honour your ancestors. It is a good time to keep a record of your dreams, this is often the first contact we have with spirit as we are outside of our ego minds. Keep a pen and paper beside your bed and before going to sleep, vision yourself writing out your dream(s) in the morning when you wake.

The moon is about mirroring, it reflects the sun’s rays – what are you bathing in today?

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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