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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 080 – On the Road Finale (or end of a chapter?)

Toti and I headed back to Capcanes for the show and parked this time down by their community area. I sat in the shade on the Ikea chair/throne (so comfortable) while Toti did some work in the truck until the Circus Family arrived then they started to set up their props etc. I always offered to help but they know what to do and, I probably would be more of a hindrance, so happily sat and watched it all transpire. I was on photo duty during the performance.

Sant Jaume dels Domenys (I think it was!)

After the performance we were back on the road and off to another town this time half way back to Barcelona. It was great to be back on the road again. Pink Floyd and U2 accompanying us on the slow journey. Really enjoyed not racing along the roads, not that you can with an old fire truck with trailer in tow. We arrived to St Jaume dels Domenys as a band was playing its last number in the outdoors venue that Toti and the Circus Family would perform in the following day. His contact there met us and climbed aboard to direct us to where we could park the truck for the night. We managed to catch a last drink in the bar before it closed – it was after 1am by this time! Another day and another performance. Toti had friends at the show and they gave me a lift to Calafell station which is on my local line. I got home around 10.30pm and slept for almost a week!

There was a performance booked for the following Saturday and Jordi was going to be performing alongside Toti but that was cancelled. So, instead of heading back on Saturday for a day visit, I met Toti in Barcelona Sants station on the Friday which began an eventful journey back to the Dream Warrior and what was packed into these two days, felt like a week by the time I got back home. To start us off there was rail works happening on the lines so we had to get off at Martorell station, the stop before the one we were going to, Vilafranca. Buses were laid on which included a bit of a walk to get to, along with a half hour wait so time for a coffee. The bus didn’t take us to the next station on the itinerary, we ended up on a mystery tour and arrived into Sant Sadurni d’Anoia station where a train was waiting for us. Sitting on the train I looked out and spotted the Freixenet Winery. A place I had considered visiting when I first arrived to Barcelona but was not sure just how far away it was etc. Now I know! Visit the website for a virtual tour. Cheers!

Picture from website
Picture from website

We then travelled on to where we wanted to be i.e. L’Arboc, another ‘cross the lines’ station where Toti’s friend, who had taken me to Calafell the previous week for my train home, met us and drove us to where the truck was securely parked.

It was good to be back on the road again – getting to enjoy this kind of travelling. We were heading back to Reus (pronounced Reh oose – if I write it, it might help me to remember! then off up into the hills as the truck would be parked up for a few weeks while Toti had a ‘holiday’. We stopped for supplies on the way and I sat in the truck and pondered why this felt so right to me. It was a feeling of being at home, unhindered with Pink Floyd blasting out as the road passed beneath us.

We parked up outside the village of L’Aleixer hopeful that, where Toti wanted to take the truck would be ok, and, after a few hours, we got confirmation that it was. Meanwhile I watched the view mist over as a thunderstorm approached lifting the heavy heat of the day. I asked Spirit, ‘What it is that I am feeling?’ as the wind picked up and I get ‘Chocolat, (the film), change is coming and you know it. Be patient and all will become clear, all with be revealed.’

The sound of the Magicians horn stirred me from my reverie. We were good to go and fired up the engine. This was an experience. This is where trust makes everything alright if not a bit ‘hairy’. Yes Toti had made this trip before but . . . we were meeting a river of water coming towards us as the rain continued to deluge above, the lightening cracked and the thunder rumbled on. Wow, awesome experience, and worth the effort to be in the beauty of La Torre del Valent.

Single track road on the right, river on the left!

We parked up below the house and I just stared at the beauty of the view around me, did I tell you I love being in nature! Night was closing in and the storm which had waned for a short while headed back around. What a show! I was upfront in the back bunk with a 180° view – heaven.

The next day Toti and the Magician went down to the village to get some pastries for breakfast which we had up at the house with hot fresh coffee. Then he prepared the truck for ‘lock-up’ while I had a walkabout and took some photos. Then he made time to interview me for the project. Check it out on YouTube

Toti's friend Laura came to collect us and took us back to her house for a late lunch; joined by another friend. They were talking about a property that was nearby and up for sale and nothing would do but we would go and have a look at it – what an adventure and privilege to see these places and meet such lovely people. Mas Baget was amazing and would make a wonderful haven for a community co-operative. Laura ran us back from there to Reus and I think it was the 8.30pm train that we got back to Sants, then a very quick thank you, farewell hug as my train home was leaving its platform in five minutes. I hope you have enjoyed being on this journey with me. Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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