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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 078 – On the Road part 2

I have a heavy heart today as I should have been flying home while my sisters are there nursing Mum with the assistance of carers and local medical assistance. At 95 she has seen many changes in life and we have been blessed to have had her with us many more years than some get to experience. My April flights were cancelled. June flights cancelled. Story of the times! Using my writing today to shift my sadness, keeping my tears at bay and revisiting my adventures on-board the Dream Warrior.

Starting off with a retrace as I forgot to share our trip out; 2nd day. With Jordi having his car we took the opportunity to head off and visit places we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It was a beautiful late afternoon (by British standards) as we headed to

Valderrobres. The drive taking us alongside the D’ebre river (we don’t see many rivers here so one as large as this is exciting!) then beside Parc Natural de la Tineca de Benifassa. Spectacular scenery which included a strange formation of mountains quite different to the rest – felt prehistoric which they probably are! (See photo above).

Valderrobres is a municipality and major town in the province of Teruel, Aragon outside the border of Catalunya so Spanish flags flying everywhere with quite a different feel to it architecturally.

The following day after the show in Paul and before heading to Falcet we had timed our alfresco meal to perfection listening to an approaching storm and watching the black clouds gather on the hills behind us. We got everything inside in time including ourselves. Toti went for a siesta in the bed in the back while Jordi snoozed on the back bench and I was upfront writing. ‘The leaves are dancing as one on their stems splayed out like hands open to receive the gift that is the rain pouring down onto them. As I write I consider how surreal this is. Me, at my age, doing what I am doing. A drainage pipe is spewing out a stream which is falling liberally and freely. Spanish guitar cantons (songs) play via Toti’s phone and Bluetooth speaker. Sun now reflecting in the wing mirror. I hear voices but don’t see anyone – maybe it is in the recording. I wonder how long the water will continue to run through that pipe now the rain has stopped. Window down and welcome fresh air cleared of the oppressive afternoon heat.’ After dark we moved the truck out of the village to where we had parked up the previous night and enjoyed the dark sky (no streetlights) starlit evening. Saturday we travelled to Falset. On our way there Toti pulled in to a layby and jumped out to speak to Jordi who was following us in his car. Business was calling and a couple of phone calls had to be made. I was enjoying some early sunshine of my shoulder while I was looking out onto beautiful fresh green needles of ‘whimsical’ young pine trees. In that moment I had an epiphany, ‘all plants grow towards the sun – our life giver.’ Then I thought, but there are hanging plants, and received: ‘They will only hang downwards when there is no support given to them to grow upwards.’ WOW! This of course being an analogy to human life. We are all able to receive the support of Spirit should we choose to but, because we have free will, we have to ask for it. Often the support is offered but we fail to reach out for it.

Falset was reported in last week’s WWW and our next stop over was Bellmunt del Priorat. This was a great place to spend a couple of nights as the community centre was on the hill overlooking the town and surrounding countryside. It was a large open space in front of the community centre etc. and we parked in the corner looking out with a hedge to one side of us. On the opposite side of the hedge was a vine grove and almond orchard. When we left the harvest was starting and by the looks of the fullness of the grapes, they wouldn't be too far behind.

From there we headed to Els Guiamets passing a beautiful lake area which is actually part of a reservoir. A guided diversion (Toti/spiritual) took us to the town of Capcanes first, which I will pick up on in next week’s WWW.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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