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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 077 – On the Road Again

Loving oneself you do not require forgiveness therefore I seek none for being awol these last few weeks. It was another adventure, and pretty much off grid again!

If you had told me when I was 40 that I would be travelling around the pueblos (villages) of Catalunya in a converted Fire Engine at the age I am today, I would have thought that it would be highly unlikely. How time changes us and moves us in mysterious ways to destinations and journeys hitherto unconsidered.

I was introduced to Toti Rodger who is Sonrisas Nomadas and with his truck the Dream Warrior he has travelled the world bringing joy and smiles to many children; ages 0 to 100. Check out facebook page:

Having recovered from my previous two weeks plus away I received a message from Toti, ‘Are you coming?’ Well, why not – yes! What an adventure! Yes, I realise that it is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but I like to experience life and when I am afforded an opportunity, I am likely to take it, and sooooo happy I did. Incidentally, his ginger boiled water is beautiful with black tea – my new favourite drink.

I arrived to the rail station of Pradell de la Teixeta, where I couldn’t see the platform from the train – it was so small! I stepped down the four steep steps with my case and backpack onto the ‘plinth’ realising that I was going to have to cross the rails to get to the main platform. Thankfully a guy with a bike got off too, that must have been fun, bringing a bike down those steps! He crossed at a raised black plastic/rubber part so I followed suit.

When I got to the other side I was happy to see Toti walking towards me. I had managed to arrive between heavy showers. The Dream Warrior was parked up just beyond the station and, after the guided tour, I sat down and admired the scenery and peace. In the evening we were joined by his friend Jordi. I love meeting new people and hearing about their life’s journeys.

The next day we headed off to Paül where Toti had a show the following day. His many years driving the Dream Warrior knowing its limitations had my heart in my mouth a few times as he manoeuvred it in ways I would not have thought possible. We did a recce of the town which was up, up, uphill! So many of the small villages are built on hillsides and makes the walking around challenging. We went to watch a show being presented by Mac, a friend of Toti who then met with the community organisers. One very helpful lady walked us to where we would be able to get a Wifi signal and our breath back! Given that it was fiesta season and we were parked at the community area/pools we decided after dinner that we would move the truck to a quieter place. It was wonderful to lie in the bed (lucky me) and be able to look out through the roof light/ window onto the dark sky and stars. Jordi was on the back bench in the front of the truck and Toti was up on the roof in the wind up ‘tent’. Night time temperatures here are currently down to around 22 degrees so very comfortable.

In the morning we met in with the Circus Family who were performing alongside Toti – it was excellent. It does you good to connect with your inner child and let them out to play as often as possible. As I am often reminded, stop taking life so seriously! So, this is me, embracing that innocence and wonder, and loving every second of it.

After Paül we went to Falset where the main streets were scattered with dry lavender and many different hangings were decorating the streets. Here too, as in Barcelona, with a recycling theme. We met with Alberto who was in the area and took the opportunity to meet up with Toti. I think it was four months he said he had spent with Toti in South America while sleeping on the front bench as then there were others ‘on board’ too.

We met Maider from the Marca (Falset) station that night, just a little bigger than the one I got off at and we headed to Bellmunt del Prorat for a couple of nights to enjoy the conversation and company. Here there is a bar/ restaurant which has a great view out onto the hills beyond which are green with vines – huge wine country here.

I wrote most of this while there but as there was little Wifi cover and wasn’t sure how much I had left on my phone I didn’t want to use all that up in posting this. I will finish the story next week – unless I get another opportunity to go off exploring again!

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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