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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 076 – Off Grid

My apologies for not advising in advance that I was heading off on a holiday but I did not realise just how off grid our destination was going to be. I returned from a wonderful week with the delightful Coralie via the evening AVE from Madrid (max speed 300km per hour) Saturday night, home around 10pm and ready to be picked up at 9am the next morning. I was excited about a major road-trip from home to the amazing destination of Cortijo Los Maximos near Turon just over the Almeria border into Granada. I knew the lady of the house but was yet to meet mine host Phillipe and mine host he most certainly is. What a joy to meet with nice people who have lived interesting lives.

To be honest I had accepted the auspices of a friend to accompany her on the long journey to visit our mutual friend Jane who, knowing my financial position, was happy to accommodate me free of charge so I am equally pleased to now publicise this little piece of heaven. Arranged card readings supplemented my other expenses e.g. dinners out.

Having managed a quick turn around and being ready for collection at 9am we eventually left after 1pm arriving just after midnight. Yes, that far. We had a couple of stops for fuel and two x half hour stops for food. In retrospect and in talking to others since, some say that they take two nights stop offs so kudos to the driver. Only 860km but it wasn’t all motorway driving!

We arrived to a star scattered sky and the milky-way shining down on us as we unpacked only the necessities initially and went and had a much needed glass of wine. The last stage of the trip was up a very windy road continually rising so it was maybe a good job we couldn’t see beyond the edge – not for the faint of heart! At one point we found ourselves looking down on a row of lights that would have passed for a landing strip for a light aircraft. Turns out this was the dam of the reservoir that we would drive over. I missed the lit-up delights of Turon as I texted our hosts to say where we were, prompting them to put the lights on for our arrival. Eventually we saw the place illuminated way ahead and thankfully nearer than it looked with a welcoming swinging beacon to confirm it was our destination. Even in the starlight it looked amazing but exhausted we retired after a couple of hours chat.

If you are in the area and want something a bit different, quiet and relaxing – you could do much worse. There were lots of villages around to visit and Jane was wonderful in being our tour guide. We had a divine Indian meal in Capilleira the day we also visited Pampaneira. I would have to write a part two to this blog to explain all the places we went to and saw while having quiet days between allowing ourselves to just be and enjoy the place. Would I go back – for sure but would think twice about an 11 hour journey through Spain with no air conditioning – did I forget to tell you about that – phew!

I was sad to leave on the Monday having spent a couple of hours the last two nights in the hammocks stargazing and seeing shooting stars, but, as I remind myself, and as my Mum would say, you have to leave somewhere to be able to go back. I hope one day I will. Interestingly this was a place I had recommended to another friend who, prior to lockdown, was due to visit Spain and would do some sightseeing while here. Never thought I would be the one who would get to enjoy its delights. A local mechanic and garage fixed the air con too - phew again!

We stopped for two nights on the way back south of Torrevieja with another friend who looked after us while we relaxed and enjoyed the visit. Wednesday we left after my 11am zoom call and stopped in to Little Venice ie Port Saplaya for a late lunch then a final stop in Cambrils an hour from home. The drive was scattered with castles and many we would have liked to have visited so, if you want to do a road-trip round this area, check out the sights first. You might need a year to get round them all.

Got back late Wednesday night and I have never been out since. Huge amount of catching up to do and only half way there. I have slept a lot lol but I think the energy of the full moon has something to do with that too.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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