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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 075 – More Than One

Can you imagine everything being one way? Where the only colour that existed was e.g. blue. The only flower was a daisy. The only vegetable was potato. The only fruit an apple. The only sound was monotone. The only key was literally a C note not scale. One type of bird, one animal, one insect, reptile etc. Where would we be without the glorious diversity of this amazing planet we live on?

Is today a day where we can stop thinking of God in a human form and labelling him thus - the old white haired man who sits on a cloud somewhere above us in what we think is heaven? What happens if we let that old belief go, like the once believed ‘the earth is flat and we could fall of the edge of it’! Can we start to see God, Divine, Source, Creator etc. in everything that is this world and beyond? Yes, beyond, outside of our known experience of that which we know to be!

Today we have the power of three in that this blog is number 75 = 12= 3 – divine trinity.

When we let go of judgement and open ourselves up to a greater way that exists in this life, should we choose to see it, then we find a plethora of diversity that is guiding us all to know more of this amazing life that we participate in.

Again I am reminded of the different voices of the many mediums and those who channel. They all have their place and reason for being. Like the artists painting, they will not be enjoyed by all but will be received by those who resonate with what is being said. As I enjoy the art of Stephanie Law in the Shadowscape Cards I read and post daily, others will prefer the original Ryder Waite etc. This is the glorious diversity we can embrace, knowing that one size has never fitted all. It was a 3D heavy energy of forcing life in a way that served the time in which it exists/existed. This does not mean that it needs to continue in that way. Indeed, all things are pointing to a shift in life in so many ways such as through Astrology, Numerology, Channelled messages etc. that is guiding us to a new world of 5D with the 4D bridge between.

Today as I switch on the computer it tells me that it is 15:15. As a Libra I love the balance of this and more, for over the last few years I have opened to receive and have been continually blessed with reappearing numbers which are all attempts of getting my attention and therein knowledge of what it all means for me and how I am living my life.

Saint Teresa of Avila - Born 1515

It is now the 17th of July but on Wednesday, the 15th, I noted in my notebook 15:15, the numbers are continually ‘speaking’ to me. Joanne at Sacred Scribes tells me ‘Your thoughts and ideas are creating and bringing about much needed changes in your life . . . take charge of your own life.’ I feel this is not just a message for me but for everyone to reach within and be you, be yourself.

Just Be

Judgement released

Unity encompassed

Surrender summoned

Thankfulness engaged

Belief gratified

Eternity received

Are you ready to go within and find out who you really are and why you are here? You don’t have to, it is entirely your own choice. If someone tries to push something onto you then there is often a hidden agenda behind it. Know yourself. Accept what speaks to you as being what you need to hear. Watch how things start appearing into your knowingness and flow with all that is. For me it is an amazing journey of self-discovery of who I am meant to be in this life which I am now living and embracing. To think that I once thought this was hell, here on earth. For that is a place where I have been, a place I have moved myself out off with requesting help from my friends and working with all that has appeared for me.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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