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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 073 – All will be well!

We are all receivers of information from outside of ourselves but many of us have forgotten how to do that. I have found that through meditation (prayer, silence) there is a ‘sweet spot’ before we lose ourselves into the unknown, where we can have ‘a foot in both camps’. I have practised this these past ten years more intently than before then but believe there has been a ‘knowing’ with me all through my life.

The Guardian Angel Oracle - Chrissie Astell

At my Guided Meditation session (online) Tuesday 23rd June we were taken on a journey by spirit to a labyrinth/maze and therein our receiving unfolded. When we returned I listened to the journeys and shared feedback. The following was the last feedback from that session:

Want to say that it is not always about going out on this brand new journey, sometimes we are actually taken to things we know because we can get as much from things we know as we can from new things. She [me] talks in forked tongue! That is, you are not quite with me but we’ll get there. So, what I am being shown e.g. me being guided on how to take a car into a city I have never been to before or trying to find my own way there. It doesn’t always have to be something new, [or difficult] it can be something we know already but being asked to look at it in a different way. We are experiencing life in the way that we do, to be the people that we are. The New World – where a greater percentage of people will live in a greater acceptance of the self and not feeling this need to look outside of themselves for praise/nurturance for the ability to be

comfortable in the self and to experience life from that place. As much as we . . . You know there is balance in everything, Yin/Yang Black/White, ok I just have to say it: [here is where my ego feels a little uncomfortable in saying something that is coming through me that I have not heard or read anywhere else. Hence the ok, I just have to say it!] As much as people say we learn from the bad things that happen to us, for instance, what I’m feeling is this moving into the New World, we’re not going to have to experience the depths of pain, for instance, that we learn from in this New World. There will still be discomfort but not to the level that there has been on earth up to now . . . E.g. when I start meditations we don’t have to go into pain, we don’t have to feel uncomfortable, when we go into meditation we can still learn from the beauty of life and that’s what I am feeling in our futuristic selves going forward whatever the new world will be, we will be able to learn from a new foundation of a different level of being and not be so far down in the depths of despair that a lot of people have found themselves. So with that in mind, there’s about the gentleness of being with the self and almost like I don’t need to go back to that level of uncomfortableness and you have to stay with that within the self because we cannot live other people’s lives for them. So, it’s almost like; yes, but I want everyone else to know this, feel this, be this, and what I am getting is we can’t change other people to be like that but we can change ourselves to be like that and in being that we shine that light out for others to see and then there is that roll on, knock on, ripple in the pond energy that comes from that. So, you are only ever responsible for you.

The person I was feeding this back to said this summed up what they had been currently thinking about.

Apologies for the writing of it insomuch as, as I was typing it I wanted to make grammatical corrections to it but felt it necessary to leave it as it came out of my mouth.

Listening to Amanda Ellis on YouTube 29th June and her that day's video on ‘Social Unease – Me, Myself, I – Death of the Ego needed?’ She tells us that ‘in the Christian story, the Crucifixion was the energy of bringing into the new, you couldn’t have resurrection or eternal life without the experience of the cross. It’s where we are at as a species now. I don’t believe that’s the truth, actually I don’t believe that has to be in our reality anymore, that we have to go through this suffering. There seems to be something in our cultural make-up, our consciousness, that anything that needs to be birthed has got to be really, really difficult’ . https://youtu.be/B08HI8BhckI

For me that was clarification that what I was receiving is energy that is currently around us and as I hold Amanda in great esteem, it was reassuring for me to know this in being channelled through her too.

I hope that this information lifts your spirits from any worries you may have about the future and the current climate. Know there are greater powers at play than us mere humans.

Much love, Namaste, Patricia xx

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