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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 069 – Finding Your Soul Tribe

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and surviving all that is currently landing at your doorstep. Tomorrow we have the first eclipse of this year and in an unusual year that has a total of six. Whatever you believe there is much at play outside of ourselves which is a mirror for us to look within. Individually, we can all make a difference.

I have been struggling with this weeks blog having wanted to write about it for the last two weeks. I was almost considering changing the title to Thursday Thoughts and Theories! We’ll maybe keep that one for another time ;-)

One of the things that happened to me recently was to become aware of how we react to words differently. I wrote the following as a comment in a discussion within the PiMov group (tribe) I am part off: I had a bit of a eureka moment when I realised my own angst to the word 'structure' comes from my past and being 'made to do things' in a structured way that was against the free flow of my being/ my free will. I did not allow myself to be me, always trying to fit in to the way of others. It is not that I cannot do structure, for when I am called to do so, when it is a necessity and feels right to do so then I have no problem with it. My eureka moment was the realisation that the way I hear the words from another may not carry the meaning that I hold within me. I follow Amanda Ellis on YouTube, she channels messages and is also into colour therapy. In a recent video she explained how we all see colour differently, scientific fact. It has allowed me to understand that the words we use are received differently also. My take from this is not to get hung up on words but go within and see what speaks to me about that which is being talked about.

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Tribe appears to be the new popular name to use for Community, but then, what came first? As long as we understand the connotation of it in how it is being presented. Today I want to talk about Soul Tribe and what that means. In looking into it I find the following by Lissa Rankin MD: A karass, a term first introduced in Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle, is a group of people who are meant to further a collective purpose. . . According to Vonnegut, members of a karass might never even know they are part of it. But when you meet someone who is in your karass, your souls will resonate instantly, even though the connection might not make sense to you on a human level. This is how the Divine gets important things done in the world. Members of the same karass are held to their purpose by a spiritual magnetism — some live very close to the purpose while others are further out. So how do you find the other people in your particular karass — your soul tribe? Here are nine tips to help you find your soul tribe, because once you commit to your true purpose, everything else in life begins to fall into place.

Does this resonate with you? What are your views on soul tribe or community, ancestors etc?

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A couple of weeks ago during my weekly guided meditation class and feedback the following message was relayed through me to one of the participants: We all carry the codes of our ancestors within us in our molecular structure. These codes also have an essence of the lives we have lived and that of our ancestors [today being asked to add: and the lives they have lived]. We all have family groups e.g. soul tribes and we are part of that evolution group. There are depths of knowledge within us that we can link to that stem back not just from our known ancestors but from our soul tribe, family people that we always connect with. We hold all that energy, love and support within us. Don’t ever feel alone, you have all the energy of the soul tribe with you.

What I felt as I relayed this was that as much as we are all connected, there are dedicated groups that are always ‘closer’ connected. So, however we met, however you were drawn to read this, it is probable that we are part of that one soul tribe which is then part of many. You may also enjoy the following links:

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