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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 066 – The Energy of the Universe

From an early age I was interested in Astrology more so than Astronomy. When I looked out to the star filled sky as a child, I marvelled at the ‘stars’. I was fortunate to grow up in the country where there was no light pollution to spoil the view. I loved the patterns as in the big and little dippers or, as we called them back then, the big saucepan and the little one.

I was an avid viewer alongside the rest of the family of The Sky at Night with Patrick Mower. This was in the era of space travel and the Moon landing. I was also keen to know more reading books by Arthur C Clark e.g. Chariots of the Gods, Karl Sagan etc.

It wasn’t until I was a young adult and had the money to get my own chart done that I started to read up more on the subject. I had all sorts of books as money allowed and read and studied them with delight and fascination. It is all so much easier today with online access and free charts etc. Having some knowledge is a definite help as it is very complex. The ‘charts’ are constantly changing and have so many different variations/meanings depending on where the planets are in respect to each other. No wonder it takes so long to learn about it all. I still see myself as a novice but no longer a complete novice. Now I understand about the houses and decans etc.

It also stuck in my mind that if the Moon had the power to move the tides and we humans were a high percentage water, then surely it would affect us too; and if the Moon could do that then surely the other planets played their role? Carroll, Robert Todd (12 August 2011). "Full Moon and Lunar Effects". The Skeptic's Dictionary. Retrieved 22 October 2011 cited in *Wikipedia says: The tidal force is in fact very weak and should be expected to exercise no more gravitational pull on the human body than a mosquito. This, of course, written from a ‘mind driven’ viewpoint and not one from mind, body and soul in trinity.

If I had been living back say in the 50’s, as I do now, being susceptible to the planetary energies, I would have been locked up in the lunatic asylum. *Lunatic is an antiquated term referring to a person who is seen as mentally ill, dangerous, foolish, or crazy—conditions once attributed to "lunacy." The word derives from lunaticus meaning "of the moon" or "moonstruck".

When you open yourself to work with the energies then there is learning required as in any subject where you find yourself wanting to dive deeper into it. For me one of my first experiences was in learning spiritual healing. Using your body as a channel to guide the energy through you to benefit the person receiving. The energy I find is no different to Reiki. However, that’s another story and not for today. Even today, some ten years on from my first experience, I still physically feel the energy coursing through me and reflecting back where there may be some kind of blockage or injury where the energy needs to focus. We do not take on the illness or injury of another, only the knowing of it. If we are not strong in our minds then it is easy to believe the old mandates that this can make you ill. Yes it can, if you let it! It is also possible to heal yourself. There are times however when e.g. a pulled muscle stops you from being somewhere else. Sometimes we are ill for a reason. Please note here that I would never suggest that you don’t get medical advice for any illness, rather, use this as complimentary to that which is available to you. It exists for a reason. Again much more could be said here but I leave it at that.

I have learned to go with the flow of the outside energy forces that lay me low for however long it takes. Earlier this year, it lasted a few weeks. It is a strange sensation knowing that whatever is affecting your body is coming from an outside force. I was guided that it was a transition. It feels like growing pains. Personally I seem to be a couple of days ahead energy wise than what I read in the astrology information. Maybe that has something to do with the complexity of my birth chart with its seven cusp positions. A cusp is the days between one star sign and another. E.g. born in 1 degree of Libra, cusp with Virgo. I have had it another twice since then, the second time better than the first but this time a bit more difficult again. If it assists me in helping others through being able to relay guidance then I can live with it. It feels to me like it could be similar to the effort an athlete would put in to be the best that they could be in their world. We are all uniquely different and hopefully are able to follow our hearts as to what calls to us to be.

Namaste xx

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