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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 065 – Have you read the news today - oh boy . . .

Hi, how are you all today? Here I am again on a Thursday writing up my Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms. Is that a problem? Are you caught up in a world of perfection that needs things to be ‘just so’? Or, are you stuck in a mind loop that also needs things to be in a set pattern? I ask these questions because this used to be me. It was an uncomfortable place to be for me as it wasn’t the reality of my life; it had been learned from others. So now when I don't manage to get the WWW posted on a Wednesday I don't worry about it but prefer it to be published on 'its' day.

Yesterday I received an email about Ryanair and, as this is the company I usually fly with, I checked out the article. Then, enticed to read more, I was drawn into information on hairdressers and beauticians in Italy, who were three weeks ahead of Spain with their lockdown, Spain being 14th March, and how they are still not permitted to open whereas other areas e.g. UK I think it is are intending re-opening. That started to play with my mind about what is right and what is wrong, until I was able to still my mind and be able to say, oh well, it just is! I personally can’t do anything about it other than being me, doing what is right as I see it for me, and choosing to stop reading the news. As much as the following articles were of interest to me, I didn’t want to get dragged back into that ever descending cycle of negativity. Interestingly, the Moon Omens message for Wednesday 6th May was: Message to self: “I choose environments that are in alignment with my soul’s energy. I am no longer participating in low vibrational frequency that thrives on mind games, power, and control. I choose wisdom, I choose love, I choose transparency, & genuine raw but beautifully real energy.” ~ Lukas Notes Love & blessings, Moon Omens

Image by Joseph V M from Pixabay

Then I started thinking about the saying that I have used a lot recently, about how I choose to put my rose tinted glasses on when I wake up and how some people might not get exactly what I mean. So I check out a dictionary definition i.e. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/see-through-rose-tinted-glasses [To] see through rose-tinted glasses in British English or see through rose-tinted spectacles . . . to view in an excessively optimistic light . . . Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers. From this I then question what problem anyone would have in another wanting to be this way, what issue could anyone have in someone choosing to view things ‘in an excessively optimistic light’? Some might say, it is not reality, but whose reality? You see, through my life I have found that the only people who bring negativity to another’s way of being have their own agenda which does not allow me to be me or you to be you. So I will continue to spread positive energy for that is my choice, my free will to be this way, for me it is a much nicer way to live life. I am not saying you must do this too, for that is your choice, you choose. I would love to hear some of your views on this. Why do you do some of the things that you do, is it out of fear or is it out of an historic way of living life e.g. it has always been done this way? Are you ready to stop others controlling you and step into the power of who you are, your real self?

We can become so lost, so unsure of who we are because we have lived for so long under the influence of others. Can you hear another’s voice in some of the things that you do? Parents, teachers, well-meaning friends and acquaintances? Only you have lived your unique life with all its nuances as they have lived theirs. If there is no agenda to that which they share with you then that is beautiful, just a fellow human being living their life as best as they can and caring enough about others wanting to share what they know. It is when someone wants to ‘force’ something, sometimes subliminally [un-consciously] ‘force’ the ‘only way’, then we need to question whose reality is this and does it serve you?

Namaste xx

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