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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 064 – Covid, Conspiracy Theories and What is the Truth?

Hi everyone, hope this finds you safe and sane! I almost want to apologise for bringing even more of this subject into your space but a little ‘voice’ suggested that maybe today this was what I had to talk about.

First let me say that I do not study all that is being ‘fed’ to us with regards Covid 19 and lockdown but there are some things that don’t sit comfortable with me.

So, a pandemic it is. Pandemic is an occurrence of a disease that affects many people over a very wide area. We can’t get much wider than worldwide! But why is the numbers higher in some places than others, what is the factor that has led to Sweden not taking any lockdown precautions?

It appears to be accepted that it came from Wuhan and radiated out from there and has literally travelled all round the world. There have been varying reports from it having been manufactured to it coming from what they term the ‘wet’ markets. Wherever it came from people are dying from it in large numbers. Yet, people have died in large numbers from many things and it has not had the reaction this has had.

There have been suggestions that it is linked to 5G, the new – don’t even know what to call it I am so out of touch so let’s just say ‘vehicle’ for internet coverage. Could this be why some countries have higher rates of cases? As I have entitled this piece – which one is it, or is it all three?

We have something happening across the world that is killing people, that can’t be denied, but is it Covid? Is there any truth in the 5G so called conspiracy theories, and what really is the truth? Well, unless you know first-hand it would be hard to say.

Being an active listener to astrology updates, it is certainly been known that something big was going to happen this year and here we are. So, it begs the question, are we all just an experiment in the bottom of a test-tube in a laboratory somewhere in the land of giants?

Whatever is happening I believe the wrong thing to do is to get caught up in the things that we have no control over. Instead, and again through astrology, everything is pointing to us to go within and find our own truth. We can only be the best for ourselves and then others by standing in our own power and shining our light as bright as possible for others to see and hopefully they then find the way to themselves too.

For too long our world has been on a destructive course of abusive leadership and oppression of people who have been unable to voice their own views and opinions. The press and journalism that once was a noble profession sharing facts has long since lost itself in its own fiction. So, is it not better not to listen to the things that we have no control over, use our energies to work on ourselves and become the person we would like to see in our fellow beings?

When I stood at the Wailing Wall 1993 and placed my prayer, written on a scrap of paper and rolled up, into the wall – I prayed for World Peace. Little did I know then that that journey would start with me. With me, and with you. It starts with us making peace with ourselves and with everyone we know. Even the politicians, god bless them, for therein ‘some’ do not know what they do.

Whatever this is, there is with it an opportunity for the world to change. Again, this begins with me and you. I received guidance that this would be as big a shift for humanity as was the industrial revolution. If we choose to look at it through fear then we will be given things to be fearful about. If we can find faith within us, we can use that energy to watch a beautiful new world being born.

Namaste xx

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