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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 063 – Who We Are

Today (1) we take another step along a journey we started last week i.e. Who Are You? Did you stop for five minutes to take a look at yourself or did you just read the words then move on to something else?

Today (2) we are being asked to go a little deeper. Poco a poco as they say here in Spain (bit by bit, little by little).

Today (3), join with me, a little meditation or mind travel. I only work with love and light therefore I ask you not to bring any angst or uncomfortableness into this. If you find yourself in snow you are warm, in the desert you are cool. You can fly or walk through water, or even on it ;-) Slip on your rose tinted glasses and come with me. Carry the question, Who Am I? . . with you as we travel.

Let us head off on a journey, find yourself on a pathway of your choice. There is no right or wrong, accept what comes to you, and don’t fight it if it is different to what you think you want, it is what it is for a reason. Everything carries symbolism and deep meanings which we can use to help us along our current life path.

What does your pathway feel like beneath your feet, what is it made off? Lift your attention now to everything that surrounds it as you make your way along it. What colours stand out more than the others?

Allow trees and shrubs, flowers to appear. Don’t worry if you can’t name them, we can come back to that at the end.

The pathway turn’s either right or left and out of view. When you turn the corner there is a building at the end of the path. You are asked to walk around it, checking it out, picturing it in detail.

You are asked to enter and go to whichever level is where you want to be, finding a room that you want to enter. Wait outside the door or entrance.

When you do enter, there is a large freestanding frame covered in a cloth beside the fireplace, again either on the left or the right. Look around the room and see if anything else stands out for you as being special or different to what you would expect to see in this room.

When and if you are comfortable, pull back the cloth to reveal what is within the frame. Stand looking at it and allow yourself to merge with it. Stay there for around two minutes and when you step back into your own space/energy, thank it for being there for you today. Remember only nice things are asked to be shown to you at this time. Life can be hard enough without brining uncomfortable things into meditation.

Make your way back out of the building and onto a new pathway. What does that feel like? Then bring yourself back to where you are today, reading this.

You can use Google to look up the symbolic meaning of . . . . for all of the things that stood out for you today on your journey. I hope you have received some useful guidance.

I would be very interested to have some feedback as to how you received this as I have never done a written one before but felt the need to do this for you today.

Namaste xx

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