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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 062 – Who Are You?

During life we spend hours upon hours studying and getting to know and understand things in life, but, how much time do we afford to ask ourselves who we are? I suppose I had a bit of a head start being interested in astrology but back in those days with limited access to books

and the one size fits all approach by most magazines and papers etc. no wonder I gave it up. Now, with deeper insights available via the internet and free birth charts plus my increased knowledge [though another 30 years of study would of course bring great improvement!] I have great pleasure in listening to podcasts and YouTube videos explaining all about the planets and how they can affect humanity depending on your blueprint [birth chart].

In my daily card readings I have recently been guided to write about the self: 13.04.2020 – IV The Emperor . . . His rooted stance reminds me today that this is not yet the time to move forward but to go within and reconsider your life path. If you are not happy with it then how would you change it? There is that wonderful saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Hopefully the current situation will have slowed many of us down, giving us time to contemplate our futures and what we would now see differently to what we planned when writing our New Year resolutions. We are born with what the Astrologers are now calling a Blueprint of how we align with the planets when we are born. These are not written in stone but in understanding ourselves through them we can, with our free will, work on the parts that we don’t like and change the way we are in the world. What are the things you would like to change about the way you are today?

14.04.2020 – Six of Wands Reversed: . . . We have the capacity within us to change the way we think about things. We can give ourselves a difficult or an easier time of it while things will continue to happen and remain outside of our control. Things will get better. I can’t say they will return to ‘normal’, we are in a year of great change, renewal, forging forward into the new world. You can either be on-board with it or suffer the consequences of trying to hold onto a time that is past. The choice is yours to make.

15.04.2020 – XIV Temperance Reversed: . . . Rather than the old adage of abstinence the energy I receive from the cosmos is ‘all things in moderation’. Stand in your own power and do what is right for you, you are the one that knows what you need. Don’t allow another’s power to move you into doing something that you know within your deepest knowing that it isn’t right for you. We are all wonderfully uniquely different and if someone does not like who you are, let them walk away, be the person you were born to be and not a clone of another. . .

When I read these back now I wince a little as they seem stronger than I would have probably worded them but I go with what I get, confident that I am guided when producing these. I am currently writing these daily whereas in the past, I could type up the three weeks cards when I chose them in blocks of 21. Again, I go with the flow of the energy at the time and trust that all is as it should be, for a greater purpose than I.

My journey of finding myself has taken me beyond the physical, I no longer ‘edge god out’, comfortable in who I am. There is a divine sense of being, just being, allowing, accepting and indeed, choosing what to let into my life or not. I hold such huge gratitude for being here today, I have had my ‘dark nights of the soul’ and have found a happiness of self I have never known before. I am human however and still have my moments, life would be boring otherwise. If we had learned as children that it was ok to be us, rather than being herded into a collective willed machine that could only imagine that people should all be the same and fit into the boxes provided for them, what a different world that would be. Is this the new world ahead of us? Having had time to see life differently, to contemplate how you want to step forward into this new world – what, if anything, would you change about the way you currently live your life?

15th April Message to self: “Shifts and bends in the road are all a part of the journey. I trust the process and flow like water along the river of life. I am walking with confidence along the path less travelled with a deep knowing that my journey is a mission much bigger than me.” ~Shawn Fontaine Blessings, Moon Omens

A little Scottish anecdote here as in when a Scottish person asks you Hoo are you? They are asking, ‘how’ are you. Of course it is easy to see this in the written form but on hearing it, who and hoo sound the same.

Namaste xx

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