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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 061 – Beyond Hope . . .

Good day to you. I ‘hope’ that the title does not fill you with doom and gloom. I ‘hope’ that you don’t think Patricia has lost it. I ‘hope’ you will keep reading.

Today I want to take you on a journey through The Guardian Angel Oracle deck of Chrissie Astell and specifically four cards, one from each suit of the Archangels. In her introduction, Chrissie advises that the 52 Angels she has chosen to be featured, were chosen for their positive energies. No better way to be.

We start with the first suit which is Archangel Michael. He is the Angel we call on to assist us with negative situations. The card I have chosen out of the 12 in this suit is: Insight. What does that word mean to you? It takes you within as a measure of good teaching and asks you to connect with your higher self that lives alongside you and through you during this journey on earth. Here is where you 'trust your heart and [have] found enlightenment.

There is no Hope here. You simply are.

Moving on, we come to Archangel Gabriel. He/she is the Angel we call on to assist us with revelation and yet the card I choose for you from the 12 in this suit is: Grace. What does that word mean to you? This card assists you with any problems you may have. Again, asking you to go within but this time to offer up a request for guidance. It is here you find your courage to overcome a situation or the grace to accept what must remain.

There is no Hope here. Again ‘simply be’.

We move on to Archangel Raphael. The Angel we call on to bring healing to us, our family and friends and to the world. The card I have chosen from this suit is: New Beginnings. What does that mean to you? Time to take stock of where you are in life and how it can be better for you. Why put yourself through needless pain, take back control of the mind and see things through the reality of your heart. No more made up stories [unless you, like me, are a creative writer – which I might add becomes a stronger energy through ‘monkey mind’ control, not less]. . . . make space for the new. Yesterday has gone: let it go, with gratitude.

There is no Hope here only acceptance and allowing.

Lastly, we come to Archangel Uriel and his energy of salvation. His role is to activate the love within us, so our souls can ascend to a higher level of being. The card I have chosen from our last suit is: Unity. This card happens to be the last one in the deck. It encourages us to nourish the connections between yourself and others, you need to radiate positive, peaceful energy, and try to limit any negativity.

There is no Hope here – simply be.

What do I mean by no hope? Today I take you beyond hope and to a way of being that accepts that if we engage with our true selves then there is no need for hope – we simply are the receivers of what will be. Some things we can change [free will] but what if that thing which is happening will take you on an easier journey in the long run? Somethings arrive even better than expected and we are happy to have them, rejoicing in our ‘good fortune’. This is where we can make peace with both and in that energy you will not need ‘Hope’ in your life.

Is this why there is no 'Hope' in Chrissie Astell's Guardian Angel Oracle?

Namaste xx

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