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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 058 – Caring Healing Loving

Never imagined that I would be so busy while in lockdown that I would not recognise that yesterday was Wednesday and my WWW day. I hope, if you are in lockdown, you have peace of mind remembering to engage in the positives of what is happening in the world right now. In the background I am listening to Amanda Ellis’s post for today at (Metatron 19 March Control vs Flow) where she has just suggested that we change the word lockdown to calling it Safe Harbour; so much nicer don’t you think?

We are the masters of our minds. Are you able to take charge over your thoughts? Many of us grew to believe that control was not ours to master. It was the oppression of others that caused this. Today we can step into the fact that we are all beautiful unique individuals and souls that have the right to look after ourselves first and then be the best that we can be to assist others; if they want it.

I love to share the analogy that I was given years back in spiritual development class when I was shown (in my mind) a hand reaching up for an oxygen mask in an aeroplane. As they say in the on-board training, you first then help others.

Today I give thanks for my comfort in self that enables me to be contented in my own company. For my creative spirit that gives me endless projects to work on, and thirdly (love the power of 3) that I have grown my connection with the greater being of life than the egotistical humanistic way that many believe it to be.

I marvel at the synchronicities that appear to me. Yesterday I was listening to Rea at Truth Well Told Tarot (highly recommend her readings) and the last card she drew was: ‘You’re being watched by loving eyes’.

Below, in the feed of others to watch was Patrizia 1111 for Cancer (my rising sign) using the exact same phrase as the heading for her reading!

Photo a screenshot with Patrizia’s post moved up below Rea’s reading for the photo. I must have sat open-mouthed for a couple of minutes in disbelief – this was so powerful.

Today, I was scanning through my friends Facebook posts that were highlighted for me, and my friend Amandahad posted where swans and a dolphin have been seen in the Venice canals. Then, at the end of Amanda Ellis’s video, she talks about the same news! In the days pre spiritual development I was totally sceptical about such instances of synchronicity, seeing them as purely coincidental. But, when you open to believe, and know in your heart that there are greater powers at play in this world that love us unconditionally and try to assist us, we can open our hearts to receive their support. You are loved.

Almost don’t want to share the following but it was so real to me and I feel it needs to be recorded other than just a message I share with another as is often what I do with 'powerful' messages. Yesterday I received a communication from something otherworldly. I felt the need to lie down though I wasn’t tired. As I closed my eyes I began to see images of screens appear as if a frame within a main screen. They were multiplying and moving. In the centre a white dot grew into the face of an ET. It felt like there was a difficulty in trying to make this vision visible to me. Like tuning in to a radio station that is out of your waveband. If I had been able to hold off my conscious mind then I believe it would have come into a better focus but I began to fight it and I fought a losing battle with holding it as long as I wanted to. I knew what this was in my heart. I knew it was a connection from far, far away. I am sorry that as at this time I was unable to receive and then share more of what this was/is. Again, think what you like, I know the reality of it. It was no dream. I wasn’t sleeping. I was connecting with something so much more than exists on this small planet where we live.

Finally, thirdly, I have just received a text from a friend to say they won’t be cruising/docking in Barcelona/planned to meet up. They have a granddaughter Bethany. My eyes are moved to another friend Bethan as her profile shows her going offline. Coincidence – if you like, you don’t have to convince me – I know in my heart that there is so much more.

Let us remain in the positive energy of ‘this too shall pass’. It will be a different world when we emerge from all that is happening right now, but, that’s ok, that’s life – move with the natural flow of all that is, don’t dig in your heals and refuse to change, that will only cause you discomfort, negative energy. Be here now and be the best that you can be.

Namaste xx

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