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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 057 – Past, Present and Future

Through being in the right place at the right time on Thursday night I found out about and offered my card reading services to The Hot Chili Chicas event on the Saturday. A quick shift for me and initial panic insomuch as I had last done charity events [back to back 15 minute readings] over four years ago. Could I still do it? My ego mind through the negative talk pinched me and I jumped. Thankfully it doesn’t stop me from doing and finding that I can do it. The negativity is all in my mind :-(

The Hot Chili Chicas are an all-women crew who drive 9,000 kms in 19 days from Cape Town to Zanzibar on the Put Foot Rally. This is the Put Foot’s 10th Rally. They shared the proceeds of Saturdays event with both Put Foot and Barcelona's own non-profit organization ADAAS which supports victims of sexual violence in Barcelona.

You can find out more about their sterling efforts at: Put Foot Rally information at:

Having experienced, and loved participating in, the back to back readings again I was thinking about the flow of the cards which I do as past, present and future. I was inspired to write this:

Be here Now

The past is gone it is behind us yet it has shaped who we are today.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

The present is here now - now - now it is where we are where we can Be.

The future soon becomes the present before heading off into our past.

Be here Now and enjoy the journey.

Namaste xx

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