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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 051 – Flowing

Writing is an everyday occurrence for me. I still like to use a pen and notebooks and yesterday came across the following which I wanted to share with you today:

Ciutadella Park, sitting in the half shade around the Pelican & Wolf water feature (though I have never seen it flowing). Peter Sarstedt’s song Where Do You Go To My Lovely, When you're alone in your bed? Tell me the thoughts that surround you I want to look inside your head, yes I do. . . The words run through my mind and I question feeling the need to write them down.

I perceive that the truth is that we can never really know what another person thinks for we have not lived their life.

Today the park is springing into colour and not just the flora but the increase in tourists, northerners in their shirt sleeves while we, the acclimatised, still wear our jackets. However, sitting here with the sun on my back, I am beginning to heat up.

The sentence, Life is a many varied thing, also comes to me.

Looking around I see an innocent child, bemused by the pigeons.

Where is this going? I wonder as something tries to formulate within me – beaming in from outside energies. “Allowing” comes in swiftly and clearly – “non-judgement, going with the flow”.

This is given to me as a falling leaf slips gently into my bag before me as if guided to land exactly where it did.

How easily things will come to us if we allow the free flow and not get in their way. This includes negative energy that we humans can be all too well versed in, in comparison to positive.

“What needs to come to me?” I ask. “Future.” is the reply. Acceptance of that one word that speaks volumes. It tells me not to worry about the details but to allow my life to unfold within me as I go gently through this life. Patti go Lightly, my friend Hazel once christened me and how apt and insightful that was. As easy as a falling leaf finding its way into my bag in a ‘needle in a haystack’ kind of way, this is a universal gesture to me today to stay on track and allow, accept, chillax, go with the flow and simply be.

Above the start of this piece I had noted guidance via Melanie Beckler ( Don’t be surprised if you’re presented with opportunities to surrender control, releasing the outcome to the Universe. I am living my life open to receive and allow the synchronicities to guide me knowing that I will need to know what I need to know when I need to know it – going with the flow.

Wintry field Image by Flensshot from Pixabay

On the opposite page and almost a year later I wrote:

From pink to twilight blue cloudless skies Dawn emerges anew, forcing night to be gone Frost covered fields wait patiently for the Sun to reach them and lift the frozen cloak

Never in a hurry, Grandfather Sun rises At his own pace greeting the earth below

Do the seeds push up through the earth, or,

does the daylight pull them towards it? To push is to go against the grain, friction Image by You know it is right when it seamlessly flows Flensshot from Pixabay

Namaste xx

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