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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 043 – Fallen Comrade

Death was always a difficult subject for me, to the extent that I had decided that I would only go to a funeral if it was family. My mind was unable to comprehend especially the early removal from life of dear friends and acquaintances.

I know this is a huge topic to write about but this week I feel called to do so.

In my childhood, in English classes, we were introduced to the war poets. I sat with tears streaming down my face, so moved by the words and the pictures they conjured up in me; unable to understand the insanity of conflict. Therein lies the word; the ‘insanity’. For it is not from an unconditional love that wars are fought. Only through the insanity of ego driven minds do such things exist. Always someone trying to be better, greater, superior than another, rather than going within and learning to be the best that they can be for themselves; not to prove anything, but to live a better life.

I was such a sensitive child and it is therefore no surprise that I learned to connect with universal energies to the extent that I can today. As I say in my groups, everybody can do this. It is a choice. Like someone wants to be e.g. a mechanic. It is something we learn and something we choose to do; or not. The difference in living ‘connected’ to something more than the human ‘us’ is a wonderful place to be.

It is the answer to the everlasting life that people search for. Have you ever wondered why we search for it? We look within science to see how we can keep our bodies alive forever, unable to see that we are already eternal beings! It gives you quite a different outlook on life when you find yourself connected to that understanding; and in turn to death.

We are encouraged by the powers that be in our human way of living to disregard that such a thing could exist. Why? Because then they would then not have the power over us that we allow them to have. Some do it consciously whereas the percentage of the population have evolved into the mind driven beings of today. Ask yourself, do you see this way of life as being happy and joyous?

For me, the ‘internet’ is a wonderful metaphor to describe connectedness. It is the ‘vehicle’ that carries us to be able to meet with like-minded people, where in 'the old days' we were a 'far flung' community. It is no doubt that the world will change as we step forward into another new decade of this new millennium. Life is about change. More people are becoming aware of this different way of being. More people are being called to find a happier way to live life through so many different ways. There are huge amount of topics and therapies sharing wisdoms that exist today that are calling us back to one main topic, that we are all universal beings. We are all on a journey within a journey, within a journey, within a journey etc. It is not linear, yet, as humans, this is how we perceive it to be.

On my outward journeys to Barcelona I pass a group of three trees, one I have named, the Fallen Comrade. This Tuesday, on my way to guided meditation group, the following came to me as I travelled my journey, within a journey: Even in my dying, I am not living in vain. What I am providing now is different to that which I was. My canopy once lifted to the skies is now a shelter of a different kind. Here the starving cat stalks his prey and unsuspecting birds become food for his life’s needs. During Fiesta, children played where before they could not reach. My branches now a gymnasium, a den for the tribe to meet.

This was not the only journey on my bus ride. As we sped along the C31 I received the most beautiful sensation of being picked up in the ‘arms’ of the universe and held in unconditional loving energy. My smile must have radiated miles around, not just in the bus.

I understand if you cannot comprehend this. What I want for you is to be open to this different way of being and start to notice the signs that constantly are calling us to see that it does exist.

My confirmation came by the way of a cormorant, a sea raven, when, having experienced the 'hug', I looked out of the window at it flying alongside the bus. The magic of the raven was with me and is one of my totems. My guide to my life purpose, to bring the light to the world and to find peace within which will, having dropped a pebble in the pond, ripple outwards eternally.

Before posting this I had a break prior to running my eyes over what I have written. I listened to Mari Perron and wanted to include the link for you to enjoy it too: https://youtu.be/-H2TaZiGyhk It ‘felt’ like the right thing to do.

Namaste xx

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