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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 032 – Traveller

The word Traveller holds connotations of many things – some as a derogatory term for those who choose to live a nomadic life. Why derogatory? Because mostly those of a stagnant nature, those without the energy within that allows them to explore a different way of being, fear it.

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To travel. To remove yourself from one location and go to another. Like many things in life, if we allow our reptilian brain to keep us in the fight flight mode, then we would never allow ourselves to do something ‘out of the ordinary’ e.g. travel. We perceive that we are ‘safe’ in the environment in which we are familiar in and fear to move ourselves out of that comfortable place to experience the unknown.

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As humans we have the freewill to live a localised life, if we want. It can be rewarding. It can grow you. If you don’t go out into the world then the world will surely come into your life. Does this create a fear in you of the people that ‘invade’ your life, your country, because they are not like you, they are different? Has the isolated way of living made you fearful for all that you have and might lose to an ‘incomer’?

The media loves to make a drama out of whatever it can so it can sell news. As much as we need to be aware of what is going on in the world so we can live in it, there are many things highlighted to us that we really don’t need to know. One of my friends was lamenting the other day about how Madonna still gets bad press. What is so threatening about this woman that causes the paparazzi to continually hound her and others, just to get a sensational ‘story’? Leave her alone or say something nice for a change!

I remember stopping reading newspapers back in the late 70’s. The headline that did it for me was when the UK paper, The Sport printed something about a London Bus being found on the moon. That was when, for me, newspapers became untrustworthy, so I stopped reading them. Even the local papers that operated as a group would put information from one town into the edition that sold in another town and not in the edition that sold in the actual area! I gave up. I listen to the radio news. Two minutes of headlines. Anything important will be revealed here. Anything else, I choose not to know and concentrate on my own life in the area where I live or further afield if going to be travelling there. News that we need to know about has a way of being brought to us.

How wonderful it would be if the good news stories began to outweigh the sensationalised columns. But, that is unlikely to happen. How would the populace be ‘kept in control’ if they started to believe there was a nicer way to live? A way that celebrated uniqueness and demanded that we should learn to love ourselves first so we could then know how to love others without fear of what they might take from us.

When we can move into a place of trusting, allowing and implementing acceptance then the world will surely change for the better.

Today I am travelling back to the UK. I arrive early at the Airport to avoid any delay I may incur. I get to sit and type this having avoided the rush, the possible panic. I choose to be given a seat rather than pay for it and low and behold I am in row 4 with an aisle seat – result!

Vilanova i la Geltru to Barcelona line.

We have learned to chase after things, to ‘make’ [or try to make] them happen. Maybe we just need to relax and start to allow. Does that not carry a nice comfortable way of being?

So, whether we choose to travel or stay in one place, there is no issue, it is our choice. However, there is the fear that others would have us believe is the way we should live in the world today. Are you ready to change, to travel on a new journey of life?

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