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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 030 – SCAM

Following on from last week’s Dishonesty and Deceit; Duped I am looking further into SCAMs. You could say it annoyed me, the injustice of it and the wish to make it more public, sharing what I have found out.

Definition of SCAM – A dishonest scheme, a fraud, a swindle. You know how I like to play with words so here is my way of describing it: Socially Criminal Abusive Manifestation.

As I mentioned last week, there was a sentence in ‘his’ email that flagged me. That sentence was: . . . to hold you in my lovely arms and close to my heart. Days go by and nights get longer. It makes me stronger and stronger.

So I Googled it and this is what I found. See photo ˃

Confirmation indeed that this was a scam. Now all the other little details glared out at me from the emails; that previously my rose tinted glasses chose to ignore!

I am finding a lot of information on the internet re this abusive practice. E.g. https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam which accepts submissions from people outside of Australia too.

29th August 2019 13:10 Thank you for reporting this scam Scamwatch <do-not-reply@accc.gov.au>

Not Charles Koch but a Raymond F Chandler III

Also, did you know that you can image search on Google? Wonderful tool and this is how I now know Charles Koch was cloned from Raymond F. Chandler III who, incidentally, has a Wikipedia page about him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raymond_F._Chandler

The scammer had doctored the photo replacing the name Chandler with Koch.




https://www.male-scammers.com NB: this last website is to find out about male scammers. If you want to find out about a female scammer, visit https://www.Stop-Scammers.com

It seems a bit strange to be grateful for having been on the wrong end of a SCAM. But, to be honest, once I had my initial tantrum and threw my toys out of the pram, then I started to see my learning from this debacle. Firstly, it could have been so much worse and I give thanks that it wasn’t. I also give thanks for it having opened up an understanding of my self that I had been too close to, to know. I need to go back through the emails to send them off to the male-scammers site so they can gain more information about how these ‘people’ operate and hopefully help others in not being caught out by this crime. As I do this I will draw out the information I need to help me be less judgemental of me and in doing so, others.

Last week I mentioned about the section in ACOL that I had been guided to. It perplexed me, I couldn’t understand it but [was guided too] knew it connected to what had happened.

My discovery from this is: That which is held in separation will have power over you. Eg If I had reacted to this SCAM from the ego that, in its puffed up state, sees me to be a much better person than the ****** that scammed me, this would have had me in a state of separation. Instead I was able to see beyond the ego, to the teaching in it and a deeper understanding of myself.

Any reaction in the negative removes you from joy. We always need to find our way back. Joy resides in each and every one of us. When we reach acceptance and allowing we move into a joyous state of being. This does not say that I accept evil to be done to me, but I find a peace within my Self that removes that energy out of my being for it does not serve me. I do not deny its existence, I choose not to be party to it, not to engage in its vibration. It does not bring me to Joy.

I will happily take feedback from those of you who know ACOL on a deeper level should you not agree with my findings.

For now, I leave you from a place of peace within and hope you have an amazing week, until we meet again. Much love, Namaste, Patricia xx

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