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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 029 – Dishonesty and Deceit; Duped

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Fooled, tricked, conned, cheated, hoodwinked, swindled, taken-in. I’m sure there are other synonyms for ‘duped’ but, for now, I will go with the list the computer gives me. This was a good wake up reminder for me that these dark energies are as prevalent in the world today as the light ones are.

Firstly, there was ‘the bread incident’. Walking part of the way home from my Guided Meditation class one Tuesday and in a relatively mainstream part of the city, thankfully not alone, I was attacked by a deranged/drugged woman with a solid French baguette, taking me by surprise as she slammed it repeatedly onto my back-pack. I gave my gratitude that it wasn’t anything worse. It was a shock and not a nice incident but, yep, there are worse things in life.

Then there was the man in Decathlon. Standing in the queue for the check out, on the second time they called the next customer to go to the till, which was him, I pointed out to him ‘thinking’ [yep, that word] thinking that in talking between his partner a ways off and child at his feet, that he hadn’t heard it called out. Well! He drew himself up to his fullest height and puffed himself out [a bit like the male pigeons do when trying to get the attention of a female!] and barraged me with a verbal tirade including ‘Do you live here?’ To which I answered sternly ‘Yes I do’. Brushed past him and went to the third desk now being called as open. Again thankfully not alone. A little shaken to say the least but another wake-up call that not everyone is living in the light energy that my path has me on (mostly).

As seems to be in the case of the journey I am on, and I am sure many others also, things have a habit of repeating themselves three times. Usually because we don’t understand the teaching of the previous incidents!

The third incident was me being chatted up by a soldier from Afghanistan, or so I thought. How blind we can be when we are being told what we want to hear. Well, with two failed marriages and ten years on my own . . . I thought [oops, there’s that word again] my dreams had been answered. WRONG! Yes, yes, I hear you, but she is psychic, how did she not see it coming! Sometimes these things happen to teach us a lesson and now I have seen the light! Now I realise the sham of what it was. I eventually checked up on a phrase that seemed to be 'waving' at me.

What I believe I have been taught is to stop ‘thinking’ as in allowing thought to get me into negative situations, e.g. the serenity prayer. Knowing the things I can change, the things I can’t and the wisdom to know the difference. Today the wisdom is about how we use thinking. As in using thought for the logistics of life and creativity. Not using it for what if’s! Funnily enough, that was part of one of ‘his’ emails. It said: . . . when you start a new life with a new person you have those WHAT IFs; WHAT IF you were my first WHAT IF you were the one I would spend eternity with, you spend your whole life thinking about those what ifs when you could have just said I LOVE YOU. Silver tongued devil!

My initial reaction was one of anger at ‘them’ ie whoever was responsible for this, then myself for ‘being so stupid, then bereavement for what might have been. Somehow, thank you Angels, I got through the Meditation group yesterday which was beautiful energy and ‘took me out of myself’ while there. Then a special thanks to Ann for hearing me out when we went for coffee afterwards, for sure a trouble shared is a trouble halved and now dissected into lots of little pieces in sharing it with you all and given to the wind to carry off into oblivion.

Life never stands still and as a developing empath, psychic, whatever you want to call me then I too have my path which includes these learning lessons in life.

Asking for guidance I turned to A Course of Love book and thumbed three times through the pages only to stop it at page 615 Day 29 The Common Denominator of Experience. I am hoping to have a chat later to discuss this deeper as on my initial reading of it I feel I have only skimmed the surface. However, it starts, ‘This is where we begin to really lose sight of concepts of duality . . . ‘ . . . ‘bringing who you are into wholeness, which can be interpreted both as bringing all that you are into existence and as bringing all that you are into existence in union.’

Today’s daily card I posted is Justice. I do not seek justice, I feel compassion for whosoever felt it necessary to bring this pain to my door. What pain do they live with? No, it doesn’t give them the right to do this but maybe, maybe it’s a call for help from their soul to end their oblivion of the spirit within.

A deception that elevates us is dearer than a host of low truths.’ Marina Tsvetaeva

28.08.2019 – XI Justice Wednesday: Great follow on from the last two days cards. Again I am being to drawn to the uniqueness of who we all individually are. We are born at a specific time and date which carries the energies of who we are born to be and from that blueprint we each, individually, either work on the things we don’t like about ourselves and embrace the good things, or not. Yes, it is up to us, no one else. So easy to blame others but that comes from Ego, not the unconditional loving heart that we all come from and carry at soul level. There are so many butterflies in this wonderful depiction and today they are speaking louder than anything else. Step into your own transformation. As long as you do not cause hurt to anyone else in the process.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

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