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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 024 – Injustice

The other day I watched a film and know that when it comes to history I can come up short but this shocked me. That the apocalypse of atrocities landed at the door of Germany had seeds in the USA! FilmCollection Published on 20 Jun 2018 SUBSCRIBE 15K Based on a True Story: Against Her Will (1994) - Carrie Buck is a young retarded woman who is persuaded to fight against the courts for custody of her newborn daughter after it's taken from her since Carrie has been declared mentally incompetent to raise her baby by herself. Starring: Melissa Gilbert, Marlee Matlin, Pat Hingle The sterilization of Carrie Buck was mandated by the Supreme Court on May 2, 1927.

This is 2019 eight years short of one hundred years since this happened. Has the world changed? Have we learned from the atrocities of the past? Or, do they still happen?

It is clear to me that this kind of fear based attitude would never come from an unconditional loving heart. How can we gently introduce such love into the world and minimise the outrages that are carried out because those that do so, know no better?

Anything that is done against the will of another is abuse. Therefore, if we try to wipe out fear are we actually abusing that person’s right? What a dilemma – I do not have the answer but I do know that only through the unconditional loving heart can we live in true freedom of being.

As has been previously penned, fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. How can we then show that fear is an illusory concept that does no one any good? By building supportive networks for the beautifully unique people of the world that cause no harm to anyone and educate the bullies of this world? The ones who think it is right to use violence and have the audacity to say they do this in the name of God! Or whatever name they give to their God!

For too long the weak in mind but strong in power have ruled over the populace, I am hopeful with the added energies of the Universe and position of the planets today that there is a new beginning of people with a voice saying NO MORE.

There is the need to not meet violence with violence, the need to understand that these people have been blinded by years of injustices that, in a world where there was no freedom of communication, it was those who spoke loudest and held the power who ruled the world regardless that this marginalised their fellow humans.

Neither should we stop with the human race but for all earthly inhabitants of whatever species or family they belong to, can we really educate ourselves to know that there is enough for everyone and put our effort into making that possible?

So many cheaper and greener alternatives have been created in the past but have been destroyed by the ‘money’ who rule the world, fearful that their ivory towers should collapse if, heaven forbid, all of earth should live in harmony and good health.

Are you one of those people, fearful for what could be if you let go of what you think you need to live your life or do you assist others, who have naught, to a better way of living this life?

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