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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 022 – Freedom

Flowing at my own pace. Remembering to stay in the moment. Each morning grateful that I am here. Every day, allowing me to be me. Dancing to my own tune. Or, learning to dance with others. Moderating the give and take – my choice, my life.

I give myself permission to be me. Not allowing others to dictate my life has moved me into a freedom I have never known in the life I have lived. To step out the other side, to cross the borders into a land of new; same world, a different me.

How wonderful it is to let go of things that are not within my control to do anything about; where, in the past, I would have worried and grieved. As in the Serenity Prayer, I allow myself to change the things I can, accept the things I can’t and pray that I will be able to know the difference. If I had listened to others, taken on their picture of who I am and where I should be, then I would not have the beautiful freedom of today.

Freedom comes in surmounting fear. So often fear is (as has been said) False Evidence Appearing Real. My first thought in recognising a fearful thought is: Can I do anything about this? I am not talking about that uneasy instinctual feeling that we get, that is what we do need to give our attention to. Knowing what we want without being coerced by others, be that style, fashion, the latest ‘must have’ thing. What I want is my basic needs and anything else is a bonus.

My worship is happiness. Listening to birdsong, seeing a flower bloom, watching a sunrise, being with good friends enjoying their company. Asking myself – am I happy? If not, doing something about it for I am responsible for my own happiness, no one else. When we have the freedom from regimes that stop us from being our true selves, and, allow ourselves the freedom to express who that person is, then we have found a little piece of Heaven here on Earth.

How can you be so happy, asked a friend who spends her days courting worry and fear. I have accepted and allowed that which is comfortable and easy for me, to be here and now. I have let go of the past, for that I cannot change and the future is unknown, I do not allow that to stop me enjoying the here and now – a wonderful place to be.

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