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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 021 - What is Karma?

Out of the blue, at the end of one of my guided meditation groups, (and with synchronicity was revisited yesterday in the group unannounced) one of the participants asked me what my understanding was about Karma. I opened my mouth to speak that which I had learned from books etc. but was to share a different version to one I had ever read about.

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We have to remember that the power of the universe is infinite love. In that state, why would we be subjected to re-live a horrible experience from a previous life in this lifetime? Here, in this lifetime, we carry the ‘residue or essence’ of the previous lives we have lived and indeed, the many lives we live within this life also. Some may call it ‘stages’ in their lives, but, for me it feels like lifetimes within this lifetime.

Are we at a stage in existence where we are now ready to embrace the energy of ‘Love’ into our lives even to the extent of loving those who have wronged us; for they did not know what they were doing? (Another synchronicity, this sentence fitting with today’s daily card reading – this blog was started weeks ago!)

We have many generational issues to work through (and unfortunately things currently happen in this lifetime that should have died out in the Middle Ages!) but if we can now shine as much love and light as we find it possible to onto past issues, allow the past to be just that ‘past’ and move ourselves into the here and now, we can assist with a mass change to life on earth for the positive good of all.

Interestingly, in astrology, the planet Uranus has recently moved from Aries into Taurus. This is a time of the Divine Feminine engaging us all in nurturing energy during the years of its transit. Yesterday’s new moon, in its home sign of Cancer, at 20:16 GMT and full solar eclipse started at 20:22 moving into total dark/cover at 20:38 GMT, brings energies with the need to nurture the self, to rest and recuperate. It’s about home, earth and family . Unexpected happenings are part of Eclipse energy, they ‘shake things up’.

In embracing the divine feminine energy, it is not about lessening the masculine energy within us all but to bring them both into harmony/balance. Accept and allow – if you are fighting this then you should question, does this angst come from my head or my heart? You know which is right!

There is also the wonderful news, announced at the Boston 2019 *ACIM Conference, that Mari Perron (first receiver of *ACOL) is now channelling Mother Mary! We look forward to hearing more about this. Check out her channel on YouTube

As if by magic I am then led to see the beautiful Divine Feminine Oracle: A 53-Card Deck & Guidebook for Embodying Love - photo opposite is one of the cards in the deck: Meggan Watterson: 9781401953645: Books. (Added to my wish list.)

Having previously written the above I have now found this wonderful account of the Divine Feminine – please take time to read the whole article. What Exactly IS the Divine Feminine? by Marina Ormes | Sep 9, 2012 | Uncategorized “The return of the Divine Feminine is not the elimination or diminishment of men. It is a reclaiming of what helps all of us create a new world.”

Finally for this week, the following was a message I received from the lovely Suzanne (ACOL Translators gathering in May in reply to my Wk014 WWW blog): ‘We are coming into the time of the way of Mary. That's why you had to go to Lourdes. She is waiting to be heard, to be felt, to be expressed. Thank you Patricia for sharing! Love, light and blessings.

So let us move out of the ego driven need to address past karmic wrongs and open our hearts to the Love that is!

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