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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 019 – Allowing other people to influence the way we feel.

With the ease of accessing information via the Internet, and like-minded people, we have the ability to find the people who truly speak to our hearts (and our egos).

It is our choice who we listen to.

This morning I was guided to check out my Inbox Notifications on YouTube. I find a new post from Suzanne Giesemann (The Awakened Way). She is sharing information about a new Facebook group called There’s Always Something … as in, to be grateful for.

Gratitude is a way to express that which is in your heart.

As humans we have the freewill to make our own ‘minds’ up about what is right for us. However, we are bombarded with information that wants us to think, and be, as others are or how they want us to be – both good for us and bad for us.

We need to be empowered to be able to choose what is right for us without allowing those who have their best interests at heart to ‘make’ us follow them.

When you are given a choice in how to react to someone, without any grievances on their part, then this is free choice. If you are made to feel any angst, then this should make you question, is this their view or mine?

To help us find that place of gratitude within ourselves Louise Hay recorded a 101 Positive Affirmations. You can read them here: or, listen via

Our journey to a happier life starts from within. Anything outside of us, is not us! We are not influenced by other people, ‘we’ allow ourselves to be influenced! We have the freewill to live allowing ourselves to be influenced by others or to go within and ask, is this right for me?

Are you ready to find ‘you’?

During a meditation I was given the Oxygen Mask vision. When you fly on an aeroplane you are directed that if the masks drop down and we have to use them, then you have to fix your own mask first. This puts you in the best place to then assist others.

We are not fully responsible for another, they will always have their own freewill though I acknowledge there are some situations where we may not be able to hear that person’s views but we have to remember it is still there within them. E.g. dementia, coma etc

Can you move yourself into a place of gratitude and acceptance?

I again feel the energy of the serenity prayer and the need to share it with you today.

In sharing my views and guidance I have no issue with how you re-act, that is your choice.

I am sure of my life path purpose as one of ‘Messenger’. I have always had an inner energy that has led me to share with others and my hope is that it leads you to a better place, an easier way through the journey of the life you live.

Be you own influence, feel its fluence within you.

Namaste, Patricia xx

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