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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 018 – The destructive power of ANGER

Image by Wendy Corniquet from Pixabay

Anguish/pain trying to escape the body

Not being able to love yourself

Grows exponentially and is fed by fear

Ego loving the drama it creates

Regret for past actions

Today’s blog comes from me sitting in the (infrequent here) rain, waiting for the bus to Barcelona to take me to my Guided Meditation MeetUp.

I watch while feeling the angst of a man opposite as he bellows into his mobile.

In a way it is a shame that the person on the receiving end could not see his emphatic gestures that accompanied his verbal tirade.

It had me considering ‘anger’ and what that does to us in those moments of ‘loss of control’ unable to hold ourselves in a place of grace and peace.

To me now, in who I am today, and with my sixty years I have been granted to journey here (so far), what I perceive in ‘anger’ is great pain and an exasperation in not having the ability to stay in the powerful place that is love which transcends all fear.

My life’s blueprint has only one of the twelve ‘houses’ in a fire sign. This gives me a distance from anger. It rarely happens to me. I do not supress it, it just isn’t a predominate force in my being. My propensity is to be happy, to be positive in my outlook rather than negative, finding so many things in my life to be grateful for.

I have found during my life that people who are angry are not happy. My acrostic definition above of what I have known of anger asks you to consider what your views are. If you find yourself agreeing with me then how can we, the ones who have found a heartfelt love of self, nurture others who allow this dark energy to control their lives?

The numerology of week 018 = 9. Nine is about endings leading to new beginnings. I would love to see World Peace in my lifetime and at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in 1993, that is what I wished for. Little did I know then that it would start with me making peace with myself, learning to love the uniquely individual being, that ultimately we all are.

I am but another blade of grass in an expansive field – and I love that I am!

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