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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 017 – The Healing Power of Hope

How do you define hope? I am drafting this today 01.06.2019 – the first day of June. Looking down to check the date, to type it in, I am greeted with the time 11:11.You don’t have to believe me but it is now Wednesday the 5th of June and I am finishing off WWW017 to post it – I look at the time, and again I have 11:11 gifted to me – just in case I was in any doubt the angels back up their first message to me. My hope is that I will continue to receive these guidances along my pathway so that I can continue to 'shine the light'.

Today I want to talk about ‘hope’: I found this quick video clip which explores the word ‘hope’ beautifully and I hope you take time to watch it.

Most of the synonyms used are positive but one stood out for me – the lad who had written ‘tough’. My heart went out to him for I know how tough it can be to keep yourself in a positive state of mind when all around you would have you ‘believe’ otherwise. Herein we have some guidance re ‘believe’ or ‘belief’. So, like my receipt of being made aware of the synchronistic timings, e.g. 11:11 I have the choice to believe if they are guidance or just coincidence. What I have to share with you is that since I have started down this amazing journey of discovery, the more I believe the more I receive.

From a place of gratitude we can harness the positive energy of acknowledging all that works for you in your life, e.g. starting with basics like ‘I woke up this morning!’ ‘I have a roof over my head!’ etc. then connect with ‘hope’. Hope that things will work out for you in a good way. Remembering to focus on yourself first before expanding your ‘prayer’ to others. It is ‘vital’ to find your ‘self’, your own being, before trying to be the guiding light for others. In not being our true selves we only perpetuate the heavy, negative way of living a life which should be full of peace, love and joy.

It is ‘hope’ that has been my ally through my life. There have been times when I have turned my back on her but only to my own detriment. These were the dark days, the inverting spiral that dragged me down to places I didn’t want to be. But still, within that, there is gratitude to be found. It showed me a way that I didn’t want to be and that it was only me who could lift myself out of the ‘pit’; use my freewill to be who I am and not a clone of anyone else as ‘modern life’ would have us believe we should be.

Hope - ShonEjai from Pixabay.jpg

H opefulness

O ptimism

P rayer

E xpectation

When the time is right for you, you will find that spark of light that beckons you out of the dark. Or, you find the end of the string that fate had you reel out as you spiralled downwards. Maybe not in this lifetime but be certain life is a spiral and we either travel forward or backwards, the choice is ours to make.

Divine guidance brings me another free graphic via pixabay that shows the scrabble letters H O P E on a cork background. Count the value of that word and tell me you don’t believe there is something greater at work trying to guide us!

Hope - Alexas _Fotos from Pixabay.jpg

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