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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 016 - What is 'A Course of Love (ACOL)?'

Life is known to send us down some interesting and winding roads, especially ones we had never even considered travelling. It was down one of these many roads I made the acquaintance of Coralie and I would love you to read her words written in the ACOL newsletter My Necklace of Pearls, and Drumming to the Heartbeat of the World. By Coralie Pearson, Lead Translator of ACOL into Spanish.

If you have read last week’s WWW then you will know I was at the gathering of Translators of ACOL^. During those days, Glen and Muffy, the publishers of the combined volume, presented us with a copy of ‘A Bridge^’ which explores the connections between ACIM and ACOL.

These explanatory words have been taken from the last few lines of the introduction: *The truth is what lives and breathes and dances in our own hearts. It is the living reality of Love we would remember, and to which we would each return.

I had known about A Course of Miracles (ACIM) having taken on a copy of it from a friend who was letting it go. It felt like I needed to have it albeit back then to sit on my shelf until the day I was downsizing and reducing my worldly goods to three suitcases and an new life in Castelldefels, Barcelona (July 2016). I flicked it open and began to read, immediately it got my hackles up in its dictatorial ‘talking down to’ voice that I was hearing.

Back then I could not even use the word ‘God’ as it carried many injustices from what I had learned in Church as a child.I could only see hypocrisies within the teachings I received which didn’t make sense to the child I was back then.

In my spiritual development I was at peace and used the Native America name, Great Spirit. Why would a loving God send you to the fires of hell? “This book needs to be re-written” was my very words. Little did I know back then that a book had been published and that book was

A Course of Love - Combined Volume It is not a re-write of ACIM but a complimentary book which has at its heart – Love. *The love I always believed should exist but could never find in the life I lived. My big mistake was in searching outside of myself – who would have known that we all have access to this wondrous energy within ourselves.

It was not through ACOL that I met Coralie but through the Drum Circle Facilitators training I attended in Barcelona my first year here. I had been to Wiston in Scotland for the first time the previous year and had subsequently, when I knew I was heading to Spain to live, made contact with Pau who organised the trainings here.

Village Music Circles - Drum Circle Facilitation Training

It was my second years training there (2017) when I felt the impulse to ask if Coralie and I could have lunch together. There was a feeling that we needed to be in communication though back then I was unsure what that meant as much as I did not know why I was continually attending the Drum Circle Trainings!

Our friendship has been a joy of supporting each other on our separate life journeys and indeed much fun had during our road-trip to Murcia last year, Wiston last September and the recent road-trip through the Occitane region of France primarily to attend the ACOL gathering.

Life is indeed much better for knowing and having known so many good friends in my life.

Namaste xx (I bow to the divine in you (Wikipedia) I recognise the Love in you (Me)).

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