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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 015 - What a Trip!

Today, Thursday, you find me blooming from the heartfelt connection with my new family ‘birthed’ at the ACOL Translators Gathering Tuesday – Saturday last week. What a wonderful experience to be with such genuine and openly embracing human beings – yes, they do exist (just In case you were wondering ;-))

Where to start . . . the beginning was taking the Ave high speed train from Barcelona to Guadalajara to meet up with my amazing amiga (friend) Coralie (Spanish translator). My first time on the train and I have to say a complete delight of a journey. I love to experience new travel opportunities and hope there will be many more destinations in the future. One of the stations along the way was Lleida Pirineus. Nothing much to look at from the train apart from a really interesting, architecturally wise building we passed on the way in. Went online to

try to find it and was absolutely stunned to see the façade of the station from outside looking in perspective. Check it out here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lleida_Pirineus_railway_station

Until we get that glimpse of another perspective then we truly are not aware of what actually exits!

We headed off on our second and even more wonderful (if that was possible) road trip in as many years and thoroughly enjoyed this time to chat along the way with exquisite scenery; especially driving through the Pyrenees. Our drive somehow took us right through the middle of Lourdes (which was not programmed on Google guidance) but it gave us the opportunity to see a great place to park and definitely would have us going into the town for a visit the following day. (Divine guidance at work!).

Our accommodation was in a campsite which turned out to be another delight. I had seen two bee-catchers and two eagles at the start of our journey; on arriving at the camp I was delighted to be able to watch two kites circling the site. The long drive was balanced with a walk into the village and a delicious meal in a very small but welcome restaurant which, coincidently was using Scottish beef. The chalet we had booked was upgraded to a two bedroomed static mobile home which included a large shower; no alfresco trips required to the communal facilities. https://www.camping3vallees.com/

Lourdes,a place I never intended visiting, turned out to be an interesting experience. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lourdes The following is what I wrote/received when there:

We walked on down the river as a service was being performed in Les Grotte (the Grotto); which is advertised as a quiet place to sit! I choose a place to sit on a wall in a splash of sunlight shaded by the trees behind me. I am overlooking the river and the other side where a group of women are holding a personal service. Coralie has walked further on. As I sit I get a vision of Mother Mary within the ‘V’ of compasses. I hear – the shining light within’. A tear unbidden runs down my cheek and I am reminded of the tears that flowed of their own accord as I sat beneath the cupola (externally the gold crown and cross) – feeling the hopelessness of those who had previously sat there praying.

Drop the ego – simply be and you can be of your best service to mankind. In being eternal there is no beginning and no end only stages along the way. The growth we experience physically is a sign to allow ourselves to grow in spiritual connection – for are our lives not better when we so allow? And, as you sit by the river, allow the sound and motion (energies) to seep into your being knowing this is the only way to truly be. Not being carried along but being the

energy that flows endlessly.* In recognising the humanness of you, you allow the spiritual energy to be also that who you are in all things – one with the creator, you are the creator.

I see a rose bloom central within a cross – stand in your own energy.

I see a pea-pod let it [the energy] pulsate out as far reaching as you can, allow it to flow from you.’

*At this very same time Coralie was watching a stick floating on the river which had got caught in an eddy!

This was all before our four day gathering with the Translators and me unsure why I was really there but knowing I had to be part of it. I trusted and I received – Namaste xx

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