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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 014 - A Course Of Love

The following has been taken from the foreword: *With this Combined Volume, A Course of Love ends its relative obscurity. Since originally transcribed, no concerted effort was made to promote it. Nevertheless, an “underground” of keen interest developed, including translations in foreign languages. Its time has come because so many yearn for connectivity of the heart and are bursting with passion to be who they really are.

These words I have just read (8th May 2019) impact greatly with myself and the daily card reading/ Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms that I currently share on my website

I love to find myself connected to share messages that have previously been published unbeknown to me. We are many voices in this world communicating a greater truth that has been denied to us through our acceptance of the ones who control the world and keep the masses ‘controlled’.

The script goes on to say: *This is not an ordinary spiritual book. “Something different is going on here.” (D:12.5) Let it wash over you. As Jesus says near the end of The Forty Days and Forty Nights: This Course requires no thought and no effort. There is no prolonged study and the few specific exercises are not required. This Course has succeeded in ways you do not yet understand and have no need to understand. These words have entered your heart and sealed the rift between your mind and heart. (C:32.4)

This Course speaks as if it were written just for you. So it was. (D:Day40.31)

Glenn Hovemann, editor May, 2014

The following sentence from the Prelude P.10 – hit home for me: Your recognition of your Self and your recognition of your brothers and sisters is what the world is for.

This confirms to me that it’s ok to be different, what is not ok is to use your power and position to force others to not be themselves!

P.23 of the Prelude: For those intent on seeking there is always more to seek, but those who find must stop to realize what they have found and to realize that they seek no more.

I understand this sentence to mean ‘Peace’ – what does it say to you?

Tonight, Wednesday 15th May, I am late in publishing this as I have spent a second day within the energy and wisdoms of A Course Of Love translators, partners and friends. It has been wonderful to be able to share my story with them and see how they have been guided to Love along their paths.

Looking forward to spending another couple of days exploring life, the universe and me, and each of the me’s that they are in this most magnificent of settings in a valley that for century’s has been called Little Paradise.

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May 23, 2019

We are coming in the time of the way of Mary. That's why you had to go to Lourdes. She is waiting to be heard, to be felt, to be expressed. Thank you Patricia for sharing ! Love, light and blessings.

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