• Patricia Jean Fleming

Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 013 - Lucky for some?

’13 - unlucky for some’ a phrase which can throw people into the depths of despair for this has been associated with Jesus and the last supper where he broke bread with twelve of his disciples, and we all know what happened to him! For me, this phrase can be viewed from the other side, the cup half full, not half empty. We can all choose to see the good or the bad in things and there are those in this world that are very happy to have us live in fear, for from that place we can be manipulated. I choose to accept that Jesus gave us the most amazing gift when he died, he came back, he asked us to believe, to trust in his truth of an everlasting life that transmutes each physical human life that we live.

With the wonderful creative and worldwide connectivity that we now are party too (or not, if you so choose) we now have immediate access to information that would take days, weeks, months, even years to access/research.

I love the fact that I have immediate access to information now. Having spent my childhood in the years before we ‘all’ had televisions or telephones in our houses, let alone our hands as it is today. It is a joy for me to have such technology available to me with little effort and I feel deep gratitude for those creative souls who have made this possible.

Like all things in life we have good and bad. An old mantra that echoed around the offices when computers were first introduced was ‘Garbage in, garbage out!’ The essence of that saying continues to ring throughout life today.

Has technology led us away from basic communication or, has it actually created a new way to communicate? I find older people and purists ‘gag’ at the way words are being transformed via text communication; but then, I wonder what Shakespeare’s views would be to the ‘proper’ English we speak today?

We have the opportunity to believe or not in anything that is presented to us. In the past, we only had access to a few who would ‘enlighten’ us. Often by sheer luck or fate we were privileged to experience teachers driven by their life purpose of educating us as was their ability to do so. Many of these people though were ego driven to their own ends. It suited them (and still does) to use their ‘power’ to control the masses – if we let them. Each individual may now have the opportunity to connect with people, even those who live on the other side of the globe and who resonate with how we perceive life to be. We can connect with what they offer to the world from the wisdoms that they have had access to.

So, I do not ask you to believe me in all that I share with you, but, to search deep into your hearts and find what is the truth for you of this life you are living?

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