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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 012 Truth

What are your views on Truth? I was once called into a boss’s office and reprimanded for being ‘too truthful’! Also I have been told on more than one occasion that I am stubborn and yes, I admit it. When it comes to things like truth then I am prepared to undergo uncomfortable situations and stand firm for my beliefs that truth is an important factor in life and it is only those who want to abuse or are unwilling to face it that have issues with it.

One of the Chrissie Astell cards in The Guardian Angel Oracle deck is Truth^ in the Archangel Michael suit; other suits being Archangels Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Placed on page 29 of the accompanying book it carries the numerology energy of the Master number 11 [see first of two WWW’s for last week re 11]. An energy of life healer - great spiritual purpose; you can see why Truth is important to humanity.

^Affirmation: I confidently shine my divine light, knowing that I am strong, honest and just. [Truthful]

Part of the wisdom shared says: The Angel of Truth teaches that, while you need to respect* others’ views, you must face the ‘mirror of truth’ by yourself. Listen to your feelings and conscience at all times. Affirmation: I hold only that which is honest and true close to my heart.

Acknowledging that every living person is a ‘spiritual being* having a human existence’ allows us to respect* others views but not to be bullied. An honest, truthful person will not get angry with you for calling them out, in fact they are more likely to thank you for pointing out to them something they may not have realised was wrong or go to extreme lengths to explain it like they understand it to be. Someone who abuses truth will always get angry and try to justify why; they may even turn to violence. uncountable noun The truth about something is all the facts about it, rather than things that are imagined or invented. Synonyms: reality, fact(s), real life, actuality. I love that it is an ‘uncountable’ noun. Truth is something that cannot be counted, it just is what it says it is.

It takes power to stand firm to your beliefs when others try to deceive you or if they have not your strength to believe in the truth and want you to walk their path rather than face life’s realities.

If ever you need support please call on Archangel Michael to assist you in your troubles and if it is a physical problem ie abuse from a bully, please seek the assistance of the local authorities, Samaritans, police etc

T ruth embraced R eincarnation believed U nconditional love of self T rust in fellow beings H eartfelt peace

Truth/Lie - Image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

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