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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 009 Mountains to Climb

As much as there is learning from negative situations, I am steered to share within my Guided Meditation sessions that learning can be achieved from love and kindness, from comfort, from a place of ease; Not to allow or accept darkness into these beautiful journeys of discovery and enlightenment.

Why then do I continue to find difficulties? Why can’t I let the guidance I receive root into my life in an easy way? It appears to be like the climb up a mountain with the final ascent always feeling as if it is the hardest, most difficult part. You have a break through to the wonderful relief of having made it and then, as in life, often we are faced with another mountain before us!

So, what comfort, what ease can we bring to ourselves in these difficult moments and times? Can you reach in and find hope from the saying ‘this too shall pass’ or picture a rope someone has tethered to the steepest slope of the mountain to help you make that climb?

I know that when I was in my darkest of times it was difficult to see a chink of light to guide me through. It led me to question: Is it only through this darkness that we can find direction in the way ahead?

I am told, ‘you will know what you need to know, when you need to know it!’ So, I can relax, trust, accept this or rail against it, the choice is mine.

Today, I believe I am in the dark when I have lost trust, when I can’t find the faith to believe that ‘all will be well’. On days like this I try to focus in the faith that, one day, I will crest the summit!

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