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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 007 Contemplation on ‘lucky 7’.

Today I was going to write about time but as I started this blog the word Contemplation appeared on the page typed by my fingertips on the keys but not with the mind engaged – not the creative process of writing, but allowing what is needing to be shared to flow through me for you to read and, indeed, contemplate.

So, today, Wednesday 27th March 2019, no numerology there to assist, why then should we be looking at the number seven? For those of you who have noticed this is the seventh week I have posted the Wednesday Weekly Wisdom and numbered it as 007.

Was there a reason why James Bond was Agent 007 or was he named that because seven is supposedly a ‘lucky’ number? If you Google the question you will get many answers such as ‘00’ meant ‘licensed to kill’ and he was the seventh agent to take on that role, the ISD* code for USSR was 007, Fleming lived on the 007 bus route etc. Unless we could communicate directly with the author then it will always be speculation.

Horseshoe (not the 7) Pixabay.com

What truths or speculations have you taken on in your life because no one was around to enlighten you to a different answer to a fact considered to be true? As we grow and learn we find there are many things we can’t all personally know and we trust that those who have written and documented facts have told the truth and that these facts should be believed.

But, what happens when previously hidden knowledge makes its way into the public domain. Do we embrace the new truth and how do we know it is really true? Do we therefore embrace all that we physically know to be true as truth and use some kind of inner guidance to accept the things we want to accept as true, or not?

Is your head hurting, mine is! Can you follow these words that are basically saying: What is reality? In embracing contemplation and not taking all things at face value we allow ourselves to find our own comfortable equilibrium.

If you think seven is a lucky number then the positive energy you bestow to that thought will benefit it and add a higher possibility of it being lucky for you. So, if it works for the number seven, can it work for other things? Indeed it can and there has been much attributed to this positive thought process as being beneficial should you wish to employ it.

In my website I mention about looking at the world through rose tinted glasses and why not because it works for me. Do I consider the number seven to be lucky? No, not particularly but I do give thanks every time my toast and jam lands jam side up when it falls off the plate, when I get to the bus stop just as the bus I want arrives, when I get the last packet of my favourite snack on the supermarket shelf. The list goes on and on.

These incidents are the only truths I am sure off, everything else . . . well, it just is, or isn’t.

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