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Wednesday Weekly Wisdom 020 - JECL or Jekyll?

In my past daily card readings I have been writing (often) about freewill. It is with my freewill and heartfelt desire to share inspirational information that led me to my WWW blog.

Recently, I was reading the Richard Rohr Meditation: Conscious Love: Weekly Summary: Week Twenty-five - June 16 - June 21, 2019 and specifically the section on - *Practice: Loving Kindness: “Buddhism identifies Four Limitless Qualities: loving kindness (maitri), compassion, joy, and equanimity.” It sparked my interest that the four qualities first letters could be an acronym and so it was born; JECL = Joy, Equanimity, Compassion and Loving-kindness.

This reminded me of the name Jekyll from my childhood memory of the book by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson (published 1866) ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’.

Wikipedia tells us: It is about a London legal practitioner named Gabriel John Utterson who investigates strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr Henry Jekyll,[2][3][4] and the evil Edward Hyde. The novella's impact is such that it has become a part of the language, with the phrase "Jekyll and Hyde" entering the vernacular to refer to people with an unpredictably dual nature: usually very good, but sometimes shockingly evil.[5][6]

Doctor Jekyll was the ‘nice’ one of the two!

It led me to want to check on the numerology of the year it was published ie 1866 = 21 =3 and Jekyll (1,5,2,7,3,3,)= 21 =3 and lastly JECL(1,5,3,3)=12 =3 – WOW!

We live in an amazing time and place where there are more things at work than we give credit to. How much passes us by without acknowledgement or indeed the ability to harness the wonderful gifts knowing this’ brings. Remember life before the internet where research could take months and years to find out what now is available in an instant?

So what relevance is the power of 3 and how it has resonated through our known history?

One of my favoured numerology sites is – 3: The Creative Child! This site is more about personal numerology from your name and date of birth than the ‘value’ of the number but don’t discount the benefit in being able to see the essence in this information.

There is also the delightful site - Joanne notes: 3 carries the vibrations of communication and self-expression, adventure, inspiration and creativity, humour, optimism and joy, spontaneity and enthusiasm.

Number 3 also symbolizes the principle of increase and growth, expansion and abundance on the mental, emotional, financial and spiritual levels.

Number 3 is the number of manifesting and manifestation and carries the vibration of the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters help you to focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others, and assist with manifesting your desires. They are helping you to find peace, clarity and love within.

*The article, Practice: Loving Kindness, includes a practice for ‘growing loving kindness’ check out the Facebook page or Website and allow the Ascended Masters to guide you as Joanne says above.

Also, find the history of the CAC = Center for Action and Contemplation at

NB: I was recording the daily card readings and was drawn to the fact that at the precise place where I was going to start typing Tuesday’s card, the words on my page totalled 444(3)(+12=3). As you may know, I usually prepare my Wednesday Weekly Wisdom on the Tuesday. This WWW was going to be kept over to next week (021) to pick up on the power of 3 value – but, as I was guided, this in fact is my 21st WWW posting as back in week eleven there were two posts. Loving synchronicity!

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