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Circles of the Mind-2

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 003 (27.02.2019)

This week we are sticking with the essence of the circle and something I wrote down a couple of years ago. The message came to me while my eyes landed on a circular window and felt the need to try and draw it. Initially, all I saw was the circle with a cross through it. Then I was guided to look closer at it and understand its depths. To begin with I was sketching the circle first then fitting in the cross. "Don’t always go for the obvious. Do not try to shortcut that which needs a deeper understanding."

A little distance can allow us the time to rethink a difficulty. Sometimes we push ourselves to accomplish something that would take no hurt in being laid aside for another day. What good does stress do you?

Then, there are the things we put of doing, sometimes a real challenge which we overthink and come to believe it is impossible to achieve. However, with asking a friend how they would approach it, that which you thought was impossible, can be done, and, so much easier with help, if you accept it.

If you need help why not ask for it, you may be surprised where it comes from or how it ‘manages’ to find you, at the right time.

In trying to draw the window, as a one off, I struggled with it. It was so much easier with a little help from my ‘friends’ who suggested in breaking it down into sections and building it up into the whole ‘picture’.

Drawing the two cross pieces first then drawing the circle around it. This created the ‘natural’ quarter shapes that were then so much easier to replicate than trying to draw 'freehand' as in my first attempt.

"Take your time, don’t allow any preconceived ideas about how a thing may develop, allow it to unfold before you without judgement. "

We can be our own worst critics – remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there are many who may not like what you do/create, while others will love it. That’s ok, that is the diversity of life.

As I took the slow approach to drawing the circle window, building it up in sections (as guided), it came into being so much easier than my first attempt. They told me there is no need for me to strive for perfection, I was after all just trying to sketch; it wasn’t brain surgery!

Must we strive for perfection? Surely perfection is something that could be enjoyed in the production of it or the acceptance of not! In embracing perfection we have to learn to embrace imperfection also for this is a part of nature and the natural flow of the fantastical ‘beauty’ of that which is life here on earth.

As an added insight of looking at things deeper and circles, I have included the picture of my frame drum which when held at this angle appears to have a face hidden within the colourations . This is markings in the skin that was used, it is not painted on.

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